Reiki Classes

Reiki Classes

Shoden Class

Teacher: Anne Bentzen

Dates: June 6 & 13 (2 Day Event)

Time: 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Price: $350

More Info: Level 1 teaches Reiki history, principles, how to follow energy. Students receive 3 Reiju and learn 1 shirushi. Japanese/English certificates

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Teacher: Shihan Jan Mizushima

Dates: June 27– 1 Day Class

Time: 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM

Price: $400

More Info: Jikiden Reiki Level 2 Okuden provides more in-depth teaching for the application of Reiki for emotional/mental issues as well as distance Reiki for those who cannot be treated directly with an in-person session. Students receive 1 Reiju and learn 2 shirushi. Japanese/English certificates.

“Everybody even the people who have received only the Shoden Level, (Reiki 1) have clearly achieved the ability to heal dis-ease.”

~ Mikao Usui, founder of Reiki

What is Shoden?

Jikiden Reiki Shoden class is taught in either 2 or 3 days.  It is never taught in 1 day.  Shoden is the Japanese word for beginner class. Anyone can learn Reiki.  Shoden class is about providing direct hands-on healing for loved ones, friends, and pets. There are no prerequisites or prior experience required to learn Shoden.  All applicants should be over the age of 16. Tuition: $350.00  There is a non-refundable deposit of $50 for Shoden. Reviewing students are welcome to attend the entire seminar for $150 and receive credit on theor attendance card.

Jikiden Reiki Shoden Course Curriculum

  • Reiki History
  • The five principles of Reiki (Gokai).
  • Learn about Reiju, what it does and Receive Reiju (3x).
  • Explanation of the Japanese character for Reiki and the meaning behind it.
  • Learn what Reiki is and how it works.
  • Find out how you can give Reiki treatment.
  • Learn the concept of “Byosen” and how to search for problematic area(s) in the receiver’s body.
  • The Blood Rejuvenation Technique (Ketsueki Kokan Ho).
  • First aid techniques
  • Exercises for practicing Reiki alone
  • Balanced cleansing and the body’s natural cleansing process
  • Learn the first Reiki shirushi (symbol), what it means, how to use it and when
  • Practical sessions giving and receiving Reiki treatments

    Jikiden Reiki Institute

    The Jikiden Reiki Institute in Kyoto, Japan was founded by Chiyoko Yamaguchi and her son Tadao Yamaguchi in 2000 to preserve and teach Reiki in its original form as Chiyoko Sensei was taught in 1938 by Dr. Chujiro Hayashi. Jikiden Reiki is the “dento” or traditional Reiki without any western influence. The Institute headquarters serve as an office, training center and treatment clinic. A standard curriculum tuition have been established by the Institute for all practitioners and teachers. The Jikiden Reiki Institute has practitioners and teachers worldwide. To date World Congresses have been held in Barcelona, SP and Kyoto as well as a North American Congress in Vancouver, CA in 2019.

    Chairman, Tadao Yamaguchi is my Shihankaku teacher. He has taught Jikiden Reiki worldwide and leads the institute to preserve, teach and promote Jikiden Reiki to traditional medical doctors and nurses as a complementary method to be used in conjunction with conventional medicine. Jikiden Reiki is excellent for practical use with every day medical care in the home and can contribution to the reduction of unnecessary use of medications and reduce global medical waste.

    Shihankaku Training, Nova Scotia, June 2019