Reduce stress and enjoy relaxation with BEMER.  Increased blood flow to your entire body temporarily stimulates healthy muscles for improved muscular performance. Users experience greater range of motion and flexibility as BEMER facilitates natural detoxification of waste products.

This simple, easy to use, consumer medical device can be used independently or in conjunction with other treatments at Balancing 4 Life. BEMER is also available for purchase as a consumer medical device in your home.

“The patented BEMER signal increases local blood flow within the arterioles which propels the blood into the capillaries, delivering oxygen to our cells while removing carbon dioxide, which is key to maintaining healthy organs in our body.” “The patented BEMER signal increases local blood flow within the arterioles which propels the blood into the capillaries, delivering oxygen to our cells while removing carbon dioxide, which is key to maintaining healthy organs in our body.”   

Judson S. Millhon MD, FACC

Cardiovascular Disease and Interventional Cardiology Specialist



Single 8 minute session: $40

Spot Treatment 20 minute session: $60

Packages of 10 Bemer sessions: $250

To purchase a Bemer for home use

Call 914-588-4079

Introducing BEMER


Balancing 4 Life is pleased to introduce BEMER, a physical vascular therapy providing a pulsed electro-magnetic field (PEMF) to improve blood flow and circulation to healthy muscles.  BEMER is an FDA Class II cleared PEMF device which increases the amount of oxygenated blood flow for improved health.

Beginning treatments take 8 minutes and spot treatments for chronic areas are 20 minutes bringing relief to your microcirculatory system by using a patented bio-rhythmically defined therapeutic signal.  BEMER’s signal is non-invasive as it emits electro-magnetic energy from the lowerst end of the spectrum.

BEMER  has been a true blessing in my life since I’ve been using BEMER every day since 2014.  I am continually amazed by its many health benefits, ease of use and safety.”

Stephen Weiss M.D.

 Private Practice in Integrative Medicine, Santa Fe, NM, Board Certified Family Physician


Bach Flower Essences

Dr. Edward Bach of England, a physician and homeopath in the 1930’s developed 38 flower essences to restore harmony between the actions of the personality (ego) and the soul. The purpose of flower essences is to raise our vibrations and open channels for our Higher Nature to flow. Flower essences activate transformation to correct the psycho-emotional imbalances through “resonance” of the specific perfected nature of each flower or tree essence. Inviting a new perspective and possibility, flower essences lead the personality towards greater balance, love and unity. Flower essences are safe, free of side effects and compatible with all other forms of medicine.

​1 Hour Consultation and Customized Flower Essence Blend: $75.00

Flower Essences for Dogs/Cats: $30

 Young Living Essential Oils

Nature distilled, Life enhanced.

Young Living Essential Oils is the stardard bearer for the essential oil industry, beginning over 25 years ago by Gary Young who created pure, organic products with sustainable farming and sourcing practices.  I am proud to bring Young Living Essential Oils to Balancing 4 Life for you to enjoy a healthier lifestyle and create a healthier home. You can feel confident that you are using the most researched and purity tested essential oils and oil-infused products.

Essential Oils

Essential oils are concentrated plant extracts that are harvested from farm grown and wildcrafted plants through careful steam distillation, cold pressing, or resin tapping.  The result is an essential oil that is more powerful than the botanicals from which they were extracted.  Enjoy Young Living Essential Oils for personal care, as aromatherapy or to create a toxin-free home.

​Quality Commitment – Seed to Seal provides the ultimate certification from their global family of farms and certified suppliers responsibly garanteeing purity every step of the way so you receive the most pure and potent product possible.   

Ordering Instructions: Please be sure to use my member number 13487773 and identify me as your “Sponsor” and “Enroller”.  This will ensure that I can assist you with any questions you may have about YLEO and guide you in the selection and use of these amazing oils.


Young Living Essential Oils
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Healing with Crystals

Crystals have been used since ancient times by indigenous cultures worldwide for healing purposes. They are conduits of energy. Crystals help us raise our energetic frequencies through “resonance”.  Since crystals resist disorder they maintain a dominant oscillatory rate. Crystals boost our health to a more coherent state through entrainment of our lower energy. Crystals can be used in concert with a Reiki healing to support energetic flow.

Special Crystal healing therapy sessions using crystals exclusively consist of a customized body layout to restore energetic flow. Crystalline grids with specific intentions will facilitate an energetic shift in the environment of a room for healing and positive well-being.

​Crystal Healing Therapy Session: $75

Crystalline Grids for Home or Office: $200.00 includes consultation, materials and display signage

The goal of all energy healing techniques is to re-balance the human energy field and facilitate the physical body’s own ability to heal itself.

-Anne Bentzen, Balancing 4 life