Personal Responsibility and Growth

Personal Responsibility and Growth

Everyone is responsible for their own life journey.  Understanding how energy flows is an important part of every session at Balancing 4 Life.  Developing greater conscious awareness of your personal energy, what you are broadcasting energetically and the world of energy around you is essential to your health and well-being. Discovering how to be grounded, to use boundaries and refocus your energy will lead to a happier, healthier lifestyle. As a healer colleague recently shared, “You are the CEO of You! You are not the CEO of the Universe.” You only have the ability to change yourself and not anyone else. We are each responsible for shifting our own perspectives and expanding our awareness of who we are within the world. The Universe responds to the energy we broadcast and will assist our ability to move into peace and greater harmony with all that is.

Balancing 4 LIfe will help you understand energetic shifts as they occur in your relationships at home, work or socially.   As Reiki helps you open to greater health and well-being, life will bring you more synchronicities and opportunities to match your new energy level.  Reiki invites you to naturally radiate the love and joy that is your True Nature. The Reiki Gokai – 5 principles – help clients improve their energy awareness and live a more heart-centered lifestyle.  Balancing 4 Life empowers each client with growing conscious awareness of their ability to create their own happiness from the inside out. Every moment offers you the ability to make a higher,  loving choice and to live with gratitude and appreciation.


 “All choices are made from love or fear. Everything happens for a reason. You are in charge of how you respond.”

~James Von Praagh

Supporting Your Growth with Reiki

 Psychological and emotional issues can be addressed with Reiki for clients who feel “stuck” .
Additional assistance using visualization or breath work can further support relaxation, release and opening of the heart to gratitude, love and compassion.


All human beings are born as a perfect manifestation of Love in physical form. Through life experiences we acquire stresses and emotional blockages that keep us from reflecting our “True Nature”. Jikiden Reiki offers a psychological and emotional treatment to aid clients in releasing “bad” or “persistent” old habits or thought patterns that prevent them from letting go of negative emotions such as anger, worry, resentment or fear. This treatment aids release and heart opening for clients to embrace live with gratitude, love and compassion. This treatment is available after clients has had several regular Reiki sessions.

Breath Work

Breath Work is an important vehicle for moving energy through the body. Reiki principles emphasize the importance of being heart-centered. An important role of healing is to help clients shift from “thinking” in their head all the time to “being in their heart” and allowing the heart to be their master control center. Such a shift in perspective allows clients to respond rather than react to situations. Clients learn the importance of grounding their energy and releasing stress. Use of specific breathing techniques can help clients move energy out of their heads and develop self-calming routines that work for their lifestyle.

Visualization through guided imagery

Visualization through guided imagery is a scientifically proven method utilizing a client’s active imagination to engage the unconscious mind to appear as “images” which the conscious mind can recognize.  Utilizing this complementary approach with Reiki may allow clients to better connect with their bodies and shift imbalances over emotional conflicts which have created physical dis-ease or unrest. Visualizations are a supportive addition to Reiki treatments helping clients to restore balance and inner harmony.

Energy balancing

Energetic balance leads to optimal health and well-being. Reiki restores a natural energetic flow to all body systems. Following treatments clients often feel lighter as if a burden has been lifted and their countenance appears brighter when they look in the mirror. Energetic vitality has been restored. Each client’s journey with healing is personal and confidential.

Discover the "Gokai"

5 Reiki Principles offer
a doorway to health and wellness through which you can learn to live in peace with gratitude, integrity, love and compassion.