Transforming Toxicity – Choices for a New Society


 May is a mystical month offering powerful alchemy for personal and societal transformation.  With the support of celestial alignments, May energies are strongly influenced by two powerful eclipses (April 30 partial solar and May 15 full lunar eclipses). Eclipse energies and other planetary influences are powerfully propelling us forward towards new beginnings while at the same time dredging up hidden truths regarding greed, addictions, sociopolitical misconduct and corruption for power, wealth and control.

Toxicity is in our faces now so that we can review our past behavior and make new choices for the future.  Some will say, “Never forget” in reference to a variety of pivotal events of our time such as the Holocaust and 9-11 or never forget where you came from.  It is indeed important to reflect upon where we were, what happened and where we are now.  Learning from the past is vital. But if we refuse to let go of the past, we will prolong our suffering for eternity and stay in resistance to change.  Anger and worry were defined by Reiki founder, Mikao Usui sensei in the 1920’s, as the 2 most toxic emotions causing dis-ease in our bodies. These emotions “clog our pipes” and prevent us from attaining personal peace and happiness.

Einstein correctly pointed out that you can never solve a problem on the (energetic) level on which it was created. Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow.  Our task must be to free ourselves by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature and its beauty.”

The opportunity of May is to draw a line of hope from which we can intend to allow for a brighter future than what we have known. This line of hope will define our day of choice to move forward personally and as a society.  The energy of allowing is more powerful than force because it come from an open heart. Resistance to change comes from a fearful ego that wants to maintain the status quo. When we allow ourselves to have the freedom to create without the fear of judgment from others or self-criticism, we can move in flow with our intuition expressing our heart’s desires.

As a nation, the United States was founded on principles of life, liberty and equality protecting inalienable rights of men and women to pursue their own personal happiness.  Our Constitution and Bill of Rights (first 10 amendments) stipulate the many freedoms we enjoy as a society. These freedoms have been upheld by the Supreme Court by translating broad language interpretation for 19th, 20th and 21 century living.  There will be much debate over privacy rights within the constitution as women’s productive rights become a defining issue for midterm elections in the Fall.  It is our turn as 21st century Americans to take responsibility for redefining democracy for the future. The world has changed and we must allow the systems we created to shift to meet the times we are living in today.

In Reiki we learn that gratitude, “Kansha” is the great heart opener that enables us to live from love rather than fear.  With gratitude we can thrive, not just merely survive during these turbulent times.  We cannot and should not ignore current events. But we need to be mindful of how much content we are absorbing daily.  Our outer world will reflect the frequency we are maintaining within our inner world.  Change is initiated from within.  The inner world creates the outer world.  So, reflect on who you are right now and love where you are. Intend to become more of who you truly are.  Identify with the love that you are.

Strategies for Balanced Living:

  • Remain centered in the wheel of your life while news media toxicity spins rapidly at the outer edges.  Each of us is more effective in supporting positive outcomes when we can sustain our frequency in love and gratitude for our blessings rather than to spiral downwards in fear and anxiety. 
  • Use slow deep breath work to reset your nervous system daily. Walk in Nature.
  • Create and maintain a daily practice to give yourself moments of stillness. A quiet mind will help you realign with your inner knowing.
  • Reiki, and other restorative practices including yoga or other mindful movements, meditation and journaling are excellent ways to reconnect us with our True Being. 

Trust that you are an integral part of a benevolent Universe which desires for you to evolve and become the co-creator you were born to be. Your light is needed. Have faith and hope that the future holds infinite potential and emerging innovations for a more just, peaceful and humanitarian world.  Anything and everything is possible when you allow your heart to be open to joy. Breaking free from the limits of our past thinking, we will realize our greatest potential both personally and collectively through conscious creation.