August Energy Elevates Truth and Freedom Cultivating Inner Strength

August Energy Elevates Truth and Freedom Cultivating Inner Strength

2021 seems to be moving faster as people make preparations to return to offices and schools in September. Families including mine are reconnecting over the summer after a long pandemic separation.  Holding children who have grown so much or meeting new grandchildren is occurring everywhere.  Unfortunately, there are increasing cases of the Delta Variant now that will impede our ability to reach “herd immunity” and stop the pandemic from spreading further. Guidelines for mask wearing are being revised and mandates for school children or unvaccinated people may become more frequent in states. Dates for returning to work are now tentative as offices consider mask rules and flexible employee work schedules for the fall. Our willingness to follow health recommendations for the next six months will be crucial to overcoming the pandemic. 2021 is a year of decisions for our health, our lifestyles, our work as well as what personal relationships we want to keep for the future.


The Tokyo 2020 Olympics have been a breath of fresh air from the pandemic. Despite the ongoing threats from Covid-19, Japan made the commitment to see the Tokyo 2020 Olympics succeed even without any audiences. The spirit of every Olympics promotes friendships across all cultures among the athletes. There is a unity of spirit among athletes for achieving the best possible performance of perfection, speed and or strength for their sport. New sports added this year signaled an attitude towards sport diversity and an acknowledgement of a new sport’s degree of difficulty. Olympians know deeply who they are and are enormously grateful for this opportunity to compete.  The uplifting quality of the Olympics broadcasts hope and an humanitarian spirit to the world.


In a New York Times article in July 2021 it was pointed out that humanity is as polarized today as it was in the 1790’s, 1850’s and 1960’s. These were the most polarized times according to history and American studies Professor Joann Freeman of Yale. What could we possibly have in common with those years in history? It is a lack of trust in everything and everyone.  Lies, misinformation and deception have filled today’s social media, tainted network news and been also promoted by various political leaders. Interference by outside countries has created more   misinformation threatening the integrity of past and perhaps future elections. 


Freeman shared, “If you don’t trust lawmakers and you don’t trust the press and you don’t trust people in positions of authority outside of the little sphere in which they’re acting, how in the world can you pull people together to address something bigger?”


Our outer world is a product of our beliefs and cultural programming. Judgement is the most dangerous pattern creating separation. We learn how to judge from our parents as babies and youngsters. From childhood we absorb the cultural programming of our family and local environment. We have inherited “the baggage” of our ancestors and it is time to jettison what no longer works.


Turning inward, we can discover a purer, inner truth of who we are. Healing has always been an inside job. Being at peace with our inner truth requires releasing the shadows of old programming and beliefs. This is ancestral clearing.  When we heal ourselves, we heal our ancestors and future generations because we eliminate old behavioral patterns from our multidimensional DNA. Taking responsibility for changing how we see each other, we can begin to practice more benevolent treatment toward others.


Powerfully creating our lives based on our inner knowing will help us rise above polarization.  Miss information and lies by various media cannot trigger fear when we know our own truth. The July/August zodiac constellation of Leo brings in new energy with a rare 2 full moons to rapidly accelerate humanity towards unity consciousness the second half of 2021. The Olympians inspire others to rely on their inner knowing of truth from experiences rather than on what we are being told. We can do likewise. Can we follow the example of the Olympics this year to see the beauty of humanity in its glorious diversity? The truth is that we are ALL beautiful and we are ALL worthy and always have been.


Reiki emotional treatments offer an opportunity to clear out

“bad habits” stemming from ancestral limited thinking and behaviors which keep us in separation from our soul knowing.  These treatments help restore your original “blueprint” or your Truth before you created stories based on judgment and misinformation. Come in for a Reiki treatment and discover how Reiki will give you more clarity, insight, and peace of mind as you dissolve ancestral programming.


The gift of Reiki is restored balance for your life. Reiki helps us avoid getting lost in the chaos and confusion of the day. With Reiki we can maintain a robust inner core to thrive during challenging times. The world needs your light!


Have a great month.