Courageous Hearts Strive Forward

Courageous hearts are within each of us as we have lived through this pandemic. 2020 left us with heavy hearts from grief and separation.
There is much about our former lifestyles that we would like to change. Through the pandemic we have gained strength to envision a new future that is different from our past. We desire a more authentic expression for our lives and a future that is kinder, more just, and more compassionate than what we have known. Reshaping society takes time and requires courageous hearts to step into the unknown.

Welcome to the Spring of 2021!
Spring is moving into high gear now. April energy is about forward movement and creativity. New beginnings require tremendous energy. Suddenly, everything explodes with one day of rain or a couple of 70 degree days. The coming of Spring after a long harsh winter is an eternal gift of hope reminding us of Earth’s abundant rejuvenating power as it awakens.

Hope is on the rise as more people are getting vaccinated across the country. Even my local CVS is now offering vaccinations as of last week. Recent problems arising with Astra Zeneca in Europe and Johnson and Johnson vaccines here in America have delayed the distribution of vaccines temporarily. But ongoing research is working at a fever-pitched pace to iron out problems, discover solutions and to answer questions young mothers have for breastfeeding, fertility and the safety of the vaccine for children and young adults. While we all want the pandemic to be over, the reality is that as new variants continue to spread, we need to remain careful. Sometimes it may seem that our ability to move forward is like shuffling our feet and not getting into a stride. Trust that the power of Spring as well as planetary alignments are supporting strong positive forward momentum at this time. The Universe is supporting our transition to an age of greater compassion and humanitarianism.

Newspapers, TV, radio and internet news are always quick to give you the latest headlines which highlight the problems of the day. Fear and doubt are constant forces in the news with the latest troubles and setbacks. Mindful consumption of monitoring your exposure to news or confrontational relationships both personal or work related will help you remain centered and balanced. This is part of your self-care!

Aries energy with the power of the planet Mars is a powerful fire sign for Spring’s new beginnings and use of creativity to find solutions. Recent news headlines reflecting this energy include Congress passing the American Rescue Plan to help individuals and small businesses recover and climb out of the resulting economic crisis from the pandemic. In addition, a new and sorely needed infrastructure bill is up for debate to repair our transportation system of roads, bridges and railways. A new push by major corporations and Major League Baseball are now using their “social capital” to support a “stand for democracy” to ensure fair voting rights for all. While this is controversial, the energy of this action is a signal from many courageous hearts for change. And, finally this week, President Biden announced an end to “forever wars” by withdrawing troops from Afghanistan by the 20th anniversary of 9/11. Courageous hearts are able to perform bold actions. The energy of this spring is about having the courage of your heart to create a better post-pandemic world for yourself, your family and your community.

You have the freedom and the power to let go of what no longer serves you and to be your True Self. What do you consider an energy drain on you today? Take time during these April days to identify what you want and make your happiness a priority. Let go of old habits that drain your vitality. Happiness comes when we feel comfortable in our own skin, our minds are at peace and we direct our energy to follow our joy, our passion. Remember, YOU MATTER! You must put your Self first. Self care is essential. Soothe yourself with personal kindness. Come in for a Reiki session. Take advantage of sunny spring days to go for a hike, a run or garden. Be in Nature. When you have replenished your cup, you are able to easily give to others. You are blessed with a unique energy that no one else has on the planet. The world needs what you uniquely have to offer. Fill your cup this spring and be ready to go out this summer as the pandemic continues to subside.

How do you stay positive and grounded with so much hatred and violence being depicted on the news? You need to remain mindful of the energy you are broadcasting. Thoughts are energy. Your energy goes into the collective energy of humanity and contributes to the energy of the planet. Hard to believe? Quantum physics has now proven that everything is connected energetically. Hate creates more hate. But the greater power of love creates more love as well. We are essentially one energy. So, remember that thoughts become things. There is energy (Kototama) in the energy of words whether spoken or written or heard on the TV/radio. We say the Reiki principles (the Gokai) out loud not silently because there is powerful Kototama in the words that changes your energy and the energy in a room. Writing a gratitude journal is a powerful opportunity to shift your focus from victimhood to heart opening gratitude for your blessings.

I hope you have a beautiful Spring and explore ways to fill your cup to overflowing. Be courageous! Consider learning Reiki for yourself and your family in June. Announcements for future Reiki classes and Jikiden Reiki events for students will be forthcoming soon.


This long-loved  holistic wellness event returns virtually on Sunday, May 16th.  The Awaken Fair will still consist of speakers, readers and healers. Reader and healer sessions will take place by phone or Zoom after pre-booking on Sunday, May 16th. The client rates are pre-set for everyone at $40 for :15 and $70 for :30.  Speakers will appear for 30 minutes via Zoom on May 16 from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m., starting on the hour and half hour.

 “The beauty of this arrangement is that guests can be safe and comfortable, tune in and out at will via the Internet, and absorb all the amazing information that the Awaken Fair always offers,” Caracappa says.  For more info and to register Go to:


Congratulations to the newest Shoden graduates: Saori Ammon, Margarita Rubin and Michael Comas. Enrollment is open for upcoming Jikiden Reiki classes in June to learn Shoden. Class size is limited to four.  Register early!!     

 “The beauty of this arrangement is that guests can be safe and comfortable, tune in and out at will via the Internet, and absorb all the amazing information that the Awaken Fair always offers,” Caracappa says.  For more info and to register Go to:


 2021 Jikiden Reiki® Shoden Level 1 Certificate Class

 Shoden – Level 1 –  2 Day Classes  

 June 6 & 13                

Teacher: Anne Bentzen, Shihankaku      

Learn history, principles, concept of  Byosen, first Shirushi symbol, receive 3 Reiju (activations) learn Ketsueki Kouhan, feel energy with Reiki Mawashi and Hatsurei-ho, supervised Reiki practice self & group treatment. Tuition: $350 – $50 non-refundable deposit. Reviewing Students always welcome!

$150 full Shoden review.  Certificates in English and Japanese

 Sign up early!  To accomodate safe social distancing in this small space, classes are restricted to 4 students each.  All clients will have their temperatures taken upon entering, use hand sanitizers, sign a COVID waiver and be directed to socially distanced chairs.

 To Register:  CLICK HERE

Time: 10 – 5 pm daily    Call/text 914-588-4079


 In-Person Reiki Sessions 


General Times: 9:30, 11:00, 12:30 pm, 2:00 pm or 4:00 pm        

(except during Class dates)

 60 or 90 minute sessions

By Appointment Only

 Location: In Vogue Salon, Ltd. 137 Lake Street, West Harrison

Make an appointment today. CLICK HERE!

Masks required at all times.  

Massage tables will be properly sanitized and covered with disposable coverings. I will be wearing a mask as well. See you in West Harrison for Reiki!


Anne Bentzen,

Jikiden Reiki Shihankaku