Patience and the Magic of Kindness

March entered “like a lion”. Wind is a signal of change and always stirs everything up. Indeed, there has been plenty being stirred up in the news these days. Wind helps clear the air in cities filled with smog (LA), the fog (SF) or trapped air over Denver. Wind also moves smoke from wildfires and volcanic eruptions around the globe. Old mounds of snow are fast disappearing with spring temperatures this week. Daffodil leaves are pushing up out of the ground. March heralds change – change of seasons, a time for reflection in Christian and Jewish sacred traditions as well as new beginnings and rebirth. We appreciate the symbolism of Pisces, the 12th zodiac sign with its spiritual nature and visionary fish. Pisces brings gentleness, open mindedness and adaptability. Compromises were made by both Republicans and Democrats to pass the COVID relief package signed Thursday, 3/11/2021 by President Biden. With patience we can look forward to more vaccine availability in the near future. Everyone is hopeful and optimistic that reuniting with family and friends can happen this summer.

2021 is a year of decisions and those changes will set the course for many years to come. We are more conscious of how deeply we truly do know right from wrong and our ability to use our intuitive signals than we have been willing to acknowledge. If we can listen more deeply to our inner truth we will make better decisions. Standing in a higher truth that serves the greater good for all is the task humanity faces in 2021. Winter headlines exposed ugly shadows of centuries old racism, entitlement, and greed for power. More revelations will be coming in the months and years ahead as we seek greater transparency and opportunity for all. Decisions in 2021 will place community needs against the needs of individuals.

March calls us to have patient hearts. New foundations are being created in the midst of the chaos surrounding our political, educational, financial and healthcare systems. We will see economic recovery take hold and infrastructure projects approved with the COVID bill will begin long overdue repairs to our roads, bridges and tunnels. With patience we will witness the end of the pandemic as herd immunity is slowly achieved. It is important to remain grounded and to focus on what we want to create that will bring more joy and light into our lives and the world.

The dire statistics of the anniversary of the pandemic are grim reminders of how quickly a virus can accelerate if we are not careful. Patience is truly a virtue that we are running low on as people desire more freedoms and access to social activities. People wish to be rid of wearing masks. With new variants circulating around the country, it is a challenge to stay vigilant and careful as more people get vaccinated. The new collaboration between competitors, Merck and Johnson & Johnson, is a welcome change and a recognition that we all need to work together to stay ahead of the virus. The two companies will be able to expedite the rollout of the J & J vaccine by May. Humanitarianism is the new energy of the coming decade.

Kindness is one of the best ways to keep your heart open and reduce stress. Helping others is a huge health booster. Like laughter, it is also contagious. The principles of Reiki are an invitation to being truly happy. As the 5th principle of Reiki, kindness naturally follows when we shift our focus to gratitude for what is working. When you have gratitude, you are more trusting of other people. Being fully present in each moment is a gift you give yourself and others. Appreciation grows in our hearts. While it is obvious that there is a lot that is broken in our society, there is energy for positive change that is refreshing. Did you ever do something nice for someone else, “just because”? Sending a card or e-card or email to reconnect is so needed and welcome right now as pandemic conditions lessen. When you “pay it forward”, you will be sharing love and kindness. What goes around, does come around. Love grows more love.

We all have the capacity to bring a bit of joy to someone else’s day and reap the benefits with the kindness we have shared. Make a date to walk in the park with a friend, eat lunch outside or walk your dogs together. Let Nature bathe you with her cleansing energies. “Just for today” do your best to not only see others but to feel the energy they are sharing with you. Make March the month you decide to make personal changes to make your life more meaningful for you with each moment.