You are More Powerful than You Realize!

“Intentions are the core of all
conscious life.” Hsing Yun

As February begins, global energy is gaining momentum after the feeling of standing still which 2020 epitomized with pandemic lockdowns. As the US Presidential Inauguration is now in the rear view mirror, energies are ramping up not just with executive orders and an impeachment trial beginning today, but also with the rollout of vaccines, more vaccine companies completing their FDA approval in coming weeks, more testing sites, distribution sites, etc. In fact, you can easily get a COVID PCR test at CVS now.

There will continue to be chaotic energies through 2021 coming in waves. A great polarization of views, opinions and clashes will be voiced not just in US politics but worldwide for social justice, climate change, revamping education systems, economies, immigration, demanding more fairness and equality for all. It is essential not to enter into the fear, panic or anger being voiced. Be mindful of the effects of this collective drama. Your ability to master your energy has never been more vital. Stay detached and view from a safe distance. Self-care is no longer an option. It is an absolute necessity!

Self care means knowing when its time to make the choice to turn off the news, the TV, the radio, the computer and reground yourself. It can also mean leaving a stale relationship, career or moving to a new location where you will have more freedom of expression and creativity to pursue heartfelt passions. Do those things that soothe you. Go for a walk and breathe fresh air. Make a cup of tea. Do some yoga, meditation, play music, dance, play with your dog or cat, give yourself some Reiki. Yes, energy healing does wonders for resetting and rebalancing your energy on all levels. Each of the above suggestions helps you to get excessive energy out of your head and shift it into your heart. When we return to our hearts we separate from global and environmental energies that tend to drag us down into a lower vibrational frequency. Self-care helps you to control your home vibrational frequency and keep it high, out of the weeds of chaotic energy!

A New Moon in Aquarius arrives at 2:05 pm on Thursday. It is a perfect time for setting intentions and planting seeds to consciously direct your energy to create the reality you want to see in the world. Energy will only follow your intention if you consciously take responsibility to direct it. A “wait and see” attitude will not magnetize energy towards your goal. Quantum physics has now proven that Matter coalesces around frequency. That means that what you give attention to, grows and expands. Trust that what you give emotional energy and feeling to (your frequency) will bring towards you the reality you want to create.

So, for this New Moon which holds the energetic potential for humanitarianism, freedom and original thinking, make intentions for the future you would like to create. Be determined to keep your energy high. Create intentions for your well-being and health, for your relationships your career, family and engaging in activities that bring you joy. Find ways to follow your passion and open your heart.

Make an intention to sustain better energy flow in 2021. Realize the life you can create as your energy flows freely to help you become more beautiful both internally and externally because you are balanced. Freedom of energetic flow is your gift to yourself and to the world when you learn to master your personal energy.

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