Energy Flow Supports Your Best Life

Free Your Energetic Flow

Reiki Frees You to be Your Best Self!

The last 2 months have caused everyone to feel tremendous environmental stress and anxiety from the ongoing pandemic, delays in the vaccine rollout, emerging virus variants, political drama, Washington, DC. Capitol riot and an impeachment. We are living through chaos and witnessing the challenges of change. It is impossible to not feel the tension on some level or to escape the news. Staying centered and well grounded in your body is essential. When our energy gets “trapped” in our heads, we become “unglued”, confused, lack mental clarity, and feel very disconnected.

Begin the New Year by opening to a new perspective on your personal health. Instead of thinking of Reiki and energy healing as your drug-free “go-to” when you are stressed out or experiencing symptoms, realize how the ongoing, self-nurturing benefits as a preventative approach. Use Reiki to enhance your life by doing it on a regular basis.

Reiki holistically resets your body by restoring internal balance and harmony. As Reiki frees up your energy to flow more easily through your body, you develop an alignment of heart, mind and soul. Acupuncturists use energy meridians and acupressure points to free of energy for vital organs. Similarly, Reiki facilitates the body’s own ability to transport life force energy by freeing stagnated energy deposits resulting from prolonged stress, trauma or emotional conflicts.

Freed energy will flow unimpeded to vital organs, muscles and tissues. Through regular self-care, you can maintain a strong immune system and keep stress at bay. Numerous preventative benefits are available for you when you receive Reiki regularly. Improve your vitality, relationships and inspire new levels of creativity. Take advantage of these benefits with a special offer that follows:

  • Improve your immune system
  • Experience restored sleep patterns
  • Relieve joint/muscle pain, inflammation
  • Relieve anxiety, depression caused by stress
  • Resolve emotional conflicts constricting energy
  • Keep blood pressure in a safe range
  • Restore optimal digestion and hormonal regulation
  • Improve mental clarity, creativity, vitality and peace of mind

The spiritual benefits of Reiki support your highest personal expression. Reiki restores your connection to the Earth and the Universe simultaneously. You gain control to direct your energy to create personal happiness. Today more scientists are acknowleding the role of energy as the missing dimension of healthcare, not addressed by traditional medicine. Energy is everywhere. It runs through you and everything on Earth. You are a part of the Universe, not separate from it. Receiving Reiki or even better learning Reiki for self-treatment gives your body greater vitality for living abundantly with joy and happiness.

Make an intention to sustain better energy flow in 2021. Realize the life you can create as your energy flows freely to help you become more beautiful both internally and externally because you are in alignment. A special 12 month Reiki Wellness Plan is available for you.

Say YES to your best life.