A Grand Finale and New Beginnings

You have made it to the Dance, the Big Show. Give thanks for being here to participate in the profound transformation of our world. You chose to be here at this time to participate in the shifting of human consciousness and the dawning of a new age!

The coming of a new age every ~2,150 years signals a change in human society as our Earth enters a new constellation in the sky. This is part of the procession of the Equinoxes as the Earth travels through all 12 Zodiac constellation signs. We are entering the age of Aquarius which brings an energy of humanitarianism, inclusiveness, freedom and changing of outdated structures. Aquarius is an age of information. Nothing is hidden. All information is available instantly. Leaving the age of Pisces which began around the birth of Jesus, we are now moving out of an energy of restrictive, highly organized, rules and regulations and structure. Everything you learned from your parents and grandparents carried the influence of Piscean energy. The focus of the Aquarian age is on “whole being”, who you are on the inside, not your outer actions. Many feel that the Winter Solstice of 12/21/2020 marks the official beginning of our time in Aquarius as both Jupiter and Saturn leave Capricorn and enter Aquarius creating a spectacular event in the sky. While we have actually been transitioning into the Aquarian Age for quite some time, the changes will now be more observable. READ ON!!

These transition years have been about living out a destiny called upon unconsciously by humanity for a reset, a rebalancing of our values and our societies. Everyone has had to look in the mirror to review their lives, relationships both personal and professional, careers, lifestyle, old emotional patterning and outdated beliefs. This global pandemic has come with lessons for everyone about accepting personal responsibility, taking stock of our blessings, acknowledging our connection to a greater whole as a human species, finding new avenues of communication through connection, cooperation and collaboration using technology for education, healthcare and obtaining consumer goods for starters. For example, we are each responsible for our actions in controlling the spread of COVID. Wear a mask. Celebrate the holidays smartly by limting your social interactions. Go virtual in 2020.

The initial energy of COVID was “I don’t have any control”. The solution is working together as One. The issue of mask wearing has highlighted personal resistance to change often viewed as a denial of the virus’s impact and extensive misinformation flooding social media. It is unfortunate that it has taken nearly 8 months for many to acknowledge the warnings from the CDC and to trust science. Many people are frightened by change and only wish to “circle the wagons” and returnto the “good old days”, a past they know well. With a dark winter in front of us, more states shutting down as the death toll rises, more Americans are now convinced to take personal responsibility for mask wearing and social distancing not only for our own health but for the health of people around us. The vaccine will be available for the majority of the public in 2021. The reward of patience is good health and being reunited with your families.

The shift in consciousness is about realizing that you are the one who is responsible for creating your reality and your life experiences. The energy of your thoughts becomes the reality you live. Change your thoughts and you change your reality. Start by living with gratitude. If you have learned Reiki, recite the Gokai morning and night. You’d be surprised how it softens, calms and stills your being. Come back to your heart with Reiki!

Hope is brightening our days with the arrival of vaccines. There has been an incredible sharing of information among scientists, medical doctors and companies worldwide all year to produce vaccines in record time – less than 1 year. This is astounding! The United Kingdom began offering its vaccines at the beginning of December using a distribution plan based largely on age. As the vaccines are rolled out across the globe during 2021, we can see a light at the end of the tunnel and the end of the pandemic. We will be able to be reunited with distant family members by next summer or the fall. In addition, new, quicker tests are currently being evaluated based on the loss of the smell – a scratch and sniff test- so easy that can determine the presence of COVID even when people are asymptomatic or have a normal temperature.

The pandemic and the US Presidential Elections have both highlighted our societal tendencies for materialism over humanitarianism. America has quickly discovered our vulnerability with holes in the supply chain for PPE equipment being imported from China. Our desire to make money by shipping production overseas has created a healthcare nightmare for hospitals and first responders. A sharp contract between the rhetoric, character and actions of Pres.Trump and now President-Elect Biden exacerbated the extreme polarization and stress on American democracy. Americans responded in overwhelming numbers with the greatest voter turnout in history for both parties showing just how divided we are as a nation. The election has been a test between those who are ready to change and those who want to remain the same. Tranformative changes are ahead for the coming years supporting tremendous expansion and potential growth as we learn to work in a bipartisan fashion with humanitarian values.

Look to the Skies!!
Significant celestial support is in the skies to enhance this epic awakening or expansion of human consciousness we are experiencing. Having nearly all the planets retrograde earlier this year while the pandemic began to cause lockdowns provided reflective energy. What did you do during the pandemic shutdowns this year? Much creativity has been going on quietly out of public view in the arts from writing a book to creating new music, painting, breakthrough scientific research, medicine and innovation, you name it. We will see the fruits of these creative endeavors particularly in technology as part of our growth in teh coming years. Expect hospital maturnity wards to be busy. More dogs and cats now have homes and are bringing unconditional love to their owners.

The energy of Aquarius involves social interaction inspiring communication, collaboration and connection. Now all planets in our solar system except Uranus are stationed direct providing forward momentum. On Monday, Dec.14th there will be a Solar Eclipse of a New Moon in Sagittarus. While not visible above the equator, it signals a new beginning
magnified 1000 fold by the eclipse for months to come. The Electoral College will be casting its votes for the Presidential election this Monday, Dec. 14th. This is a “3” numerologically – an energy for social interaction, optimism and growth. The system of American Democracy at work proved that when we honor the Constitution, we are truly a government by the people and for the people.

Many astrologers feel we will “officially” enter the Age of Aquarius on this year’s Winter Solstice, December 21st, 2020. This date is a “1” numerologically signalling a new beginning. A Grand Conjunction between Jupiter and Saturn will also occur in the sky shortly after sunset appearing low above the horizon as an elongated star. (The birth of Jesus coincided with a triple conjunction in Pisces.) The 12/21/2020 conjunction is the closest conjuction by 0.1 degree of Aquarius and the most observable since 1226! You can easily spot Jupiter and Saturn now in the early evening sky at about 4 pm above the western horizon. It will be exact on 12/21 before 6 pm. Watch it early before it dips below the horizon! The last time this conjunction occured in Aquarius was 1405. This close viewing will not be seen again until March 2080. Make sure to check it out! During these long winter nights, slow down, follow Nature’s cues. Be Reflective. Think about what you want to create in 2021.

Make this the year you learn Reiki! I am happy to annouce that I will be hosting Jikiden Reiki Shihan, Jan Mizushima, for Okuden – Level 2- in February. Jan san is from Queens and has agreed to come to West Harrison to teach new and reviewing students. I will tell you more about Jan Sensei in January.

The more that you understand what is happening, the more that you can go through all of the changes without losing your balance and stability. Use Reiki to sustain your health and well-being.

Wishing you a safe and peaceful holiday!

Anne Bentzen