October’s Escalating Challenges

The pandemic is now over 7 months old.  We have adjusted to a strange new lifestyle. While a second wave of the pandemic is beginning with Autumn, we have adjusted to the demands of staying safe while COVD cases increase.  Athough many people even in NY still forget to put on a mask before entering a store, we are constantly reminded daily by the news of just how many have died or have been infected with the Coronavirus.  It is impossible to plan our future at this time.  No one knows what news will surface tomorrow.  That creates a lot of anxiety for each of us for our relationships, our jobs, education for kids in school, or just trying to stay connected with family and friends to preserve some sense of connectedness with those we love.  

Since my monthly October 1st  blog, we have witnessed a rash of Covid cases from the White House.  This news should make everyone aware that no one is immune from COVID-19 and that our priority is to be vigilant for our own personal safety by wearing a mask, washing hands frequently and avoiding large crowded areas. Personally, having a husband who is high risk, I take every precaution with my healing practice to avoid unnecessary exposure for myself and all of my clients.  Please feel confident that I am closely monitoring every person who comes for a treatment on Sundays.

October’s energy has heighten the need for remaining grounded and managing your anxiety level.  Remaining present in each moment is essential.  That means you need to slow down to observe what is in front of you.  Acknowledge any opportunity being presented by the Universe.  Consider it a puzzle of sorts to figure out why perhaps a strange encounter is being offered to you.  What is the purpose of the encounter?  Keep in mind there is a Divine Plan even in the chaos of today’s daily events.  We may not be able to decipher it but every moment is designed to uplift, to evolve, bring joy and elevate our vibration if we are open to receiving it.

Travel plans have been sharply curtailed for Columbus Day Weekend and the holidays this year by the pandemic. Many people will not be gathering with family relatives.  Halloween celebrations will be drasticaly altered to avoid spreading the virus.  What can you do to keep your sanity in the weeks leading up to the Presidential Election on Nov. 3rd and beyond?  Take advantage of the nice autumn weather we are having to be in nature. Nature is the best form of healing to release stress, worry or anger.  Go hiking.  Visit an apple orchard in the Hudson Valley.  Go to a farmer’s market or even take a walk/bike across the new pedestrian/bike pathway on the Mario Cuomo Tappan Zee bridge.  The views are terrific.  Vote early in person to get it over with or use the absentee ballot option.  New Yorkers can vote early beginning Oct. 24th.  Nourish your body regularly with perodic salt baths. Come for a Reiki healing session to release anxiety, restore sleep patterns and rebalance energy flow in the body for health.  Inquire about learning Reiki at the next class starting November 1st.

Do your best to remain neutral and not be sucked into the drama and frenzy of the election news.  You have the choice of how much time you decide to devote to any social media or TV news outlet.  Your choices dictate your exposure to the chaos and drama of daily events.  Those who are unconsious will be addicted to the divisiveness and separation being caused by this election and easily swayed by social media posts.  Victimhood is a choice. So is  taking responsibility for your life.  Be powerful.  Be conscious.  Be forgiving.  Be grateful.

Listen to your heart and your gut!!  Your body will never lie to you.  What is your body telling you about engaging with others or making decisions for near future. Ask your sensory body, is this a “yes” or a “no” for me. Does your weight move forward or do you feel yourself recoiling onto your heels as you consider an option?  What feels better in your body? Becoming more connected with the energy flowing in your body is an excellent way to be more grounded.

Exercise more. Get in contact with your body through movement (dance, hike, yoga, biking, aerobic exercise, etc.), release emotions through water (salt baths, swimming, walk on the beach).  Intentional grounding will release lower vibrational energies to the Earth. Grounding daily is your best tool as we approach the end of the year.  Remember everyone is going through the same energy though the circumstances may be different. Have compassion for yourself and others.  Now is your time. You have an important role to play by holding the light that you are for others to resonate with your vibration.  Everyone is looking for something uplifting, inspiring and joyful. Your energy can be just what someone else needs.