Collective Upheaval and Awareness

October Challenge:

As we enter the last quarter of the year, October begins with a Full Moon in Aries and will end with a second Full Moon on Halloween known as a blue moon because it is the second full moon in a month. This happens every 2.5 – 3 years. But a full moon on Halloween is more rare and has not happened since 1944. It is also the last day of daylight savings.  Now that Earth is traveling through the constellation Libra which is associated with balance, harmony, cooperation and collaboration we are being asked to make a commitment and demonstrate dedication to the path we are choosing. Our dedication to the decisions we make “to do” what we say we will is essential for directing our energy and our desired actions toward the goals we wish to accomplish, create or manifest.

With the pandemic now over 6 months old, the shock is over and we have been adjusting to a weird new normal of our world.  As the pace of life has had a major readjustment, It has brought opportunities to become more aware, more conscious to yourself, your values and what values you would like to see become mainstream in our world moving forward.  In spite of current uncertainties, each of us has an opportunity to work toward becoming the change we want to see in the world with our immediate family, friends and neighbors. and perhaps to outwardly offer more positive viewpoints, volunteer or network with supportive non-profit organizations and be a voice of hope rather than anger on social media.

October calls for Energy activism: Become aware of your energy and make a committed effort to create more of what you want to see in the world.  Energy informs the actions playing out on this planet, not the other way around.  As we become more aware of our wounds, we are more in a place of helping others from our own personal history.  You can be in a place to help others right now when you are aware of your own “stuff”.  You will have more grace and compassion to help others and start to build bridges to their true, authentic self through healing.

Power and defense of power is front stage this month. Defensive energy which we saw in the Presidential debate this week triggers anger, fight and avoidance in us or those around us. TV Ratings went down as the debate progressed because it was too toxic to watch. This volatile energy and war of anger will continue to be potent through mid-October.

What can you do?

,Be careful on how seductive this energy can be and how it can poison your own energy.

,Be conscious of your energetic boundaries and discern what energy is not yours.  Consider that other people who are largely unconscious are in a reactive mode with their feelings and emotions and just trying to deflect their energy exposure to current events.

,Be mindful, in deciding on whether or not you want to engage with others who are exhibiting high levels of defensive energy.

2020 is a turning point year and the next 3-4 years will be crucial to enact change to demand and create transformative actions for our planet.  When people remain unconscious, it creates a lot of divisiveness and fight energy like what we are seeing play out in government and politics right now as well as desperation in society as people cling to life rafts of that reflect the old lives they used know.

Your positive energy is needed now. 

It is imperative for those who are awake to focus on what you want to create for the coming decade rather rehashing the problems we see before us. Your energy will either give fuel to the division and fight energy or the solution energy for healing our society and planet.

So, find your voice. Speak your truth for positive change.  Add your voice, your opinion and feelings to the mix to help dilute the division energy on the planet. You don’t have to say a lot. But your energy and words will help raise the energy on the planet rather than fuel and perpetuate lower base energies by being silent.

Your participation is essential to help raise the frequency on the planet. Don’t be shy if you find you are getting sucked in by October energies. This is the challenge to support your authentic, true self. Talk with others around you about what you need.

Trust your gut!! 

Do the Body Test. Tune into the innate intelligence of your body. What is your body telling you about engaging with others or making decisions for near future. Ask your sensory body, is this a “yes” or a “no” for me. Does your weight move forward or do you feel yourself recoiling onto your heels as you consider an option?  What feels better in your body? Life events are manifesting more quickly now than every before.  Your thoughts will direct the energy of the unfolding reality before you. You always have a choice to change your mind if you don’t like what you see. Manifestation is a directed energy.

Your body is your strength. Be grounded especially during these disconnected times.  Get in contact with your body through movement (dance, hike, yoga, aerobic exercise, etc.), be in water (salt baths, swimming, walk on the beach). Be in nature.  You can intentionally ground and release lower vibrational energies to the Earth through visualization imagining all the energies washing away either in the shower or during a walk with each step and breath you take. This is an excellent walking meditation exercise.

Enjoy the autumn colors. Be kind to yourself.  Grounding daily is your best tool as we approach the end of this transformative year. October is the most difficult month of 2020. Energies of November and December will be different but just as powerful leading up to the winter solstice on december 21st.  Remember everyone is going through the same energy though the circumstances may be different. Have compassion for yourself and others. Now is your time. You have an important role to play.

October will bring heart expansion energy – either through struggle, shock and challenge or by experiencing compassion for those who are going through tough times whether it be grief, illness, financial loss or the loss of a home from the wild fires. We are in gratitude for the over 17,000 firefighters who continue to battle to contain fires in CA and the northwest.  You may find a way to be a visionary to help other people by creating structures, new activities to help people in your local area. October brings more opportunity to follow your heart. As the days shorten and some feel the seasonal affective change, focus on gratitude as the antidote for anger and worry. Gratitude opens the heart, softening communications and lowering stress levels. This is a primary principle of Reiki. Remember that Love is the binding force of all life.  Love is the ultimate healing force in the universe. Love creates connection and unity.

Be well in body, mind and spirit.