A Pivotal Month for Empowerment

Pivoting from Old to New

Discerning Power vs Force

Welcome to September,

If you are like me, the August events out of Portland, OR and Kenusha, WI have been beyond alarming as we accept the need to heal the deeply imbedded roots of racism in our country. As more people talk of the need for change, there continues to be a pushback of resistance from some sectors of our country denying the need to reform old establishment infrastructures which are failing to serve the health, education, housing and welfare needs of Americans today. It is difficult to not be effected by toxic communications in social media and news networks or to be able to discern the full truth of any situation these days. This trend of chaotic waves will continue for some time to come. What should you do?

September is a pivotal month for shifting from victimhood to inner empowerment. Rather than feeling tossed about in a sea of angry waves, you have the ability to take the reins of your emotional energy and direct it with conscious intention to focus on the world you would like to create in 2021. We are in a window of “Birthing Energy” during September. This is a powerful time for creativity. Seeds were planted earlier during the Spring lockdown as we had time to review our life paths, our schedules, relationships, activities and our careers to decide what was really feeding our soul or draining our energy. Now with greater awareness of what we want in our lives and what we want to change, we are ready to take action towards putting a practice, a new lifestyle in place that will be more fulfilling, healthier and emotionally fulfilling than what we we doing before the pandemic.

Last month August provided us with an 8/8 Lion’s Gate portal of tremendous energy pushing us forward and to see our world with new eyes. Spikes in the Schumann Resonance which measures the electromagnetic energy on Earth were observed on August 16-17 and even larger on Sept. 2nd. Sept. 2nd was notable for a powerful Pisces Full Moon and the highest reading ever recorded. These spikes correlate consistently with perceived ringing in the ears, increased fatigue, and general confusion. People acting on a collective level of consciousness can influence the magnetic field of the Earth to raise or lower the frequency of the planet. The rise of the Schumann resonance explains why time seems to be moving faster and we feel that a 24 hour day is more like only 16 hours.

The future of humanity requires us to pivot from fear to love. In his book, Power vs Force, David R. Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D. describes the difference between power and force. Force must always be justified, is consumed by winning against the opposition with transient goals. Force requires proof. It is characterized by arrogance, pompousness and having all the answers. Force incites polarization, is judgmental and creates enemies. The defensiveness of force is exhausting. Power on the other hand, arises from meaning by uplifting, dignifying, ennobling others, energizing and supporting all life. Power is unassuming and is characterized by humility. Power attracts, whereas force repels. Power unifies because it has no enemies. Power is focused on serving others whereas force is self-serving.

,“If the principles of a civilization are noble,
it succeeds;

if they are selfish, it falls.”

,Democracy recognizes the divine right of the ruled,
rather than the ruler.

We are being asked to turn inward now and pivot from being a victim of force by others to identifying with our inner soul power to live in harmony with one another by honoring each person’s existence as sacred with equal rights, freedoms and expression. Pivoting from accepting things as they are in a victimhood mentality to claiming our personal power, we now become agents for change. Each of us has the capacity to be powerful by holding our personal vibration higher with love and compassion regardless of what is going on in the world. Holding peace, harmony, equality and declaring freedom for everyone to express their truth even if it is different than yours will allow for discourse rather than destruction. True power emanates from consciousness itself. It has been taught by all religions that the answers lie within. Your consciousness is the source of your vital energy to rise above 3D duality with love, forgiveness, acceptance and compassion. As Dr. Hawkins summaries, holding the vibration of love at 500 which is the 5th Reiki principle of “Shinsetsu” counterbalances 750,000 individuals below 200. 200 is the initial pivot level of enpowerment from victimhood to accepting responsiblity for one’s own actions, feelings and beliefs.

Your Power

lies in stability.

Hold a higher vibration.

While the present moment seems messy, you are helping to birth a new reality for this planet, a new age of harmony (500 level) beyond the Piscean Age of Reason (400 level) driven by a unity consciousness collective of which you are a part. Enjoy today. Be well in body, mind and spirit. Live into the future you desire to create. You are the energy that is sprouting the seeds of the New Earth.

Anne Bentzen