2020 High Speed Transformation

We are now half way through 2020 and it has been a dynamic year marked by unprecidented global changes with the pandemic. In June we witnessed “Black Lives Matter” protests spreading beyond our borders, Confederate flags disappearing from Nastar car racing, statues being torn down or recommended for removal. In addition energy timed with the solar eclipse of June 20th revealed shadow secrets of Russian payments to the Taliban to kill US soldiers in Afganistan and the uncovering of more peodophile abuse with the arrest of Ghishaine Maxwell, by the FBI for assisting Jeffrey Epstein, convicted peodophile to end the month. More revelations will follow this summer.

July energy is kickstarted by Mars moving into its home sign of Aries igniting the spiritual warrior in us all for the next 6 months. Imagine a butterfly, a symbol of transformation, with a rocket on its tail. We are in for high speed transformation for the second half of 2020. Remember that energy is neutral. It is how we respond to it that makes all the difference. Every planet has 2 distinct vibrational expressions, a high and a low. Mars, known as the war god, can either respond with angry, emotional outbursts or with courageous inspiration to lead the charge to a new creation. It is important to avoid impulsiveness but the drive for achievement is high. When you feel triggered, identify the energy and shift that irritation or anger into something productive rather than reacting. Decluttering, redecorating, exercising and gardening are great alternatives to avoid reactivity. You are moving energy and creating something more positive.

This weekend’s July Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn this weekend begins at 11:07 PM EST on July 4th reaching its peak at 12:29 am July 5th and will end at 1:52 am. Aproximately 1/3 of the moon will be in shadow during this penumbral lunar eclipse. This is known as the Buck Moon and is three times more potent than a regular full moon. Stay calm and cool as we endure 90 degree heat this weekend. This eclipse brings potentially dramatic realizations about past relationships, friendships, career paths as the full moon illuminates truth in our personal lives as well as our community and country. Social unrest and tension will continue. What is important is to balance the desire for change with the need to cooperate and care for others. Our personal pivoting point is use our consciousness to turn from an attitude of service to self and move towards thinking of the whole with service for others. In the energy of unification, everyone benefits and there is enough for all. Everyone prospers. Abundance grows with the open heart. The June US Supreme Court decisions regarding abortion case restrictions, LGBTQ rights and DACA give renewed hope for personal rights, freedoms and dreams. Chief Justice John Roberts supported all three decisions. Tolerance for discrimination is disappearing. We are recognizing that there is a difference between following the culture and following the law.

New cases of coronavirus are appearing daily across the Sun Belt, southwest and west coast. Governor Cuomo has identified 16 states to the travel advisory list who must quarantine upon coming to NY. We now realize that this pandemic is going to be with us into 2021 most likely in some form. It is frustrating not being able to make business or personal decisions. Plans to travel are on hold for most of us. Visiting family and friends may be out of the question. Zoom, Skype and FaceTime are all excellent ways to stay connected, as well as to learn new skills, exercise with YouTube programs, etc. I have found that just walking my new puppy is a great way to safely socialize with others in the neighborhood. The leash is 6 feet! Many people have adopted/rescued animals from shelters this spring. With this new-found time, housebreaking and bonding with a new pet is is easy.

In his new webinar, The New Human Design with the Shift Network, Gregg Braden discusses our capacity to move forward in a conscious evolution using the heart and mind working in harmony for super perception and resilience. Harmonizing the heart and brain gives us a doorway to change our perceptions using self-regulation. We can strengthen our own immune systems with our thinking and our emotions. The new field of neurocardiology research proves that relieving stress can reverse the decay of telemeres on DNA to heal the damage. Healers know first hand the benefits of energy work and its anti-aging effects. I highly recommend that you check out this link on Gregg Braden: Reset 2020: How Do We Emerge from the Global Shutdown:

Thanks to quantum physics, science and spirituality are coming together. Science has proven that we live in an entangled Universe. Everything is connected. We are all part of the whole, not separate and have the whole within us as in a holographic picture. Humanity has come full circle with the wisdom traditions of ancient civilizations and shamans of 5,000 years ago. We are beginning to recognize that we are powerful beings with the ability to use our consciousness and heart-brain connection to create a more harmonious, just and compassionate world. Now is the time for us to bring into form the world we would like to live in by using our consciousness and our feelings as the creators we are. The future is ours to create. It begins in the present moment of “NOW”.