The Tipping Point for Conscious Change

The Tipping Point

for Conscious Change

June energy will be a rollercoaster of energy fluctuations. This is positive change. Your ability to weather the energetic volatility and 3D drama will depend on your ability to remain grounded, centered, to neutralize everything, stay in peace and keep your heart open. Cosmic events including an M1 Class solar flare on May 29th, 5 planets in retrograde as of the Summer Solstice and a powerful eclipse season beginning today, June 6th with a lunar exclipse. These events support shifts in human consciousness. Solar flares are known to increae volatility in consciousness causing extremes both positive and negative expressions to be more pronounced. It is up to us to determine if we will rise or fall in our personal energy frequency. Connect to create a loving environment where you are and with whom you live.

The world is watching the United States with the recent event in Minneapolis over the tragic death of George Floyd by police on May 25th. Subsequent protests, riots and looting as well as the efforts of police and National Guard to “take a knee” and lay down their shields in solidarity and sympathy with the protestors in several states has been very emotional to watch. I believe we have reached a tipping point where injustice and inequality can no longer be allowed to be ignored. People are demanding socio-economic freedom to create the lives they wish to have as soverign indivuduals.

This week we have witnessed a dramatic turn of events which has reopened the deep wound of this country’s history of slavery that must be healed. Youth are protesting and many adults are defying orders of shutdown in order to express their anger and pain. The voice of pain must be heard if we are to heal this nation. There can be no more sweeping issues under the rug. As painful as it is to hear, the recounting of the “sins” of our ancestors, we must listen for the soul level healing of humanity to rid itself of the history of enslavement which is thousands of years old.

The skeletons, unconscionable actions, are coming out of the closet. And, there will be more issues for us to revisit. This is the most pivotal healing point in humanity’s history as consciousness is rising. We have an opportunity to heal without having a war! Any attempt to rush the healing process will be disrespectful in acknowledging centuries of pain endured. Healing occurs by having respect for people’s experiences. There are many ways to offer positive support for healing. Some feel called to physical action, to march in the streets. This is wonderful. It is important to be careful not to fall into the trap of negativity by doing wrongful actions. Don’t react but come from the heart and stay in neutrality during these volitile times. Many will call, send emails or write letters to governmental officials demanding justice. All calls for community, unity and positive change are encouraged.

The power of your personal energy management during these volatile times cannot be overstated. What you transform on the inside, is reflected on the outside. Holding space is a powerful positive action that everyone can do to support positive change. The essence of holding space is your willingness to listen. Holding space is honoring the journey of another. As you engage in active listening you become present to what is being shared and provide a safe space for the voice of pain. Many will be having a difficult time this month processing the energy fluctuations. Your ability to hold space for another is a great service. Compassion is healing on the wound’s timeframe and not yours. When compassion befriends pain, the potential for transformation is born.

Societies change slowly. The energetic wave coming to the Earth now via serveral celestial events is Divinely orchestrated to support your growth and expansion. We are in a window of time to plant seeds for a new reality. We cannot do that if we are in reaction. It is essential to align to what you would like to create for yourself and society. Honor and respect each other as equals. Envision abundance for everyone to have everything they need, enough food, shelter and healthcare in a new reality and a little bit left over to share. Sharing is an act of an open heart. Sharing opens the floodgates to share more, increasing heart centered living.

This is a catalytic moment of immense opportunity. Have faith that Love will win out and humanity will suceed. Why else are you here? YOU chose to be here at this most exciting time in humanity’s evolution. You are in control. If you choose sides, you are in a lower vibration. If you are attracted to conspiracy theories, it is all about blame. No one is a victim. Be the intention you state for yourself. Plant medicine is old energy. You have the ability to go inside and raise your vibration naturally now. Listen to your intuition and invoke your personal “BS” detector! You can determine what is real and what is fake in your heart. Truth is different for each person because we each have our own perspective of how we see the world. But Love is the same in all hearts. Ask, “What would Love do?” Choose Love.

Much love,

Anne Bentzen