Transforming Fear with Consciousness

April finds us living in extraordinary times. All but 5 states have now implemented the most stringent lockdown precautions. New Yorkers have lived with the COVID-19 lockdown since Sunday, March 22. It is obvious that fear is leading the pandemic as the virus continues to spread and the death toll exceeds 1,000 in the US. Most people are wearing masks and you see transparent barriers at the checkout lines and at the post office. Going to the grocery store has become a risky activity. It is hard to keep fear at bay. Certainly, limiting your exposure to new headlines, radio, TV and social medial news is essential. And here is why….

Fear creates a panic reaction in your nervous system which triggers stress. Your autonomic nervous system responds in its primitive “fight or flight” mode producing stress hormones like adrenalin and cortisol to help face any oncoming threat. Anxiety is a survival mechanism which triggers a cascade of biochemical changes if we are unable to change our thoughts. Dr. Hans Selye, an expert in the field of stress research has written, “It is not stress that kills us, it is our reaction to it.”

We have the ability to control our response to stress. The more attention you give to negativity such as listening to the news about the virus, the more your anxiety will grow. Fear creates more fear. It is like a raging fire travelling around the globe. It needs to be contained through our conscious awareness. The true nature of anxiety is fear of the unknown. Certainly, we are living in the unknown now with no knowledge of how long the shutdowns will last because of the unpredictability of this highly contagious virus. Social distancing and hygiene are the only known methods at this time for containing the virus. Please assume that the virus is going to be here for several months or much longer. Rather that repressing or denying the extent of the nature of the virus, it is better to face the reality of the situation. Then you can focus on choosing an appropriate action. What can you do to help? How can you stay safe?

Facing the fear of the virus includes taking into consideration what we do know such as the present state of our health, our risk level and what we need to do to physically to preserve it. But what about emotionally and mentally? This is where we turn to the energy of our thoughts and what we are broadcasting to the Universe. We will receive more of whatever energies we are sending out with our thoughts. If we change our thoughts from “what am I missing” to “what do I have to be grateful for”, we are able to shift our internal energy from constriction to expansion as we open our hearts to gratitude. We come into the present moment and leave the worries of an unknown future behind. The future begins in the present moment. Our thoughts are the building blocks for the future we will experience. Gratitude is the antidote for worry because it brings presence and grounding as we let go of the fear. It is the third principle of Reiki and it is a miraculous medicine of transformation.

We transform fear with love by first opening our hearts with gratitude. Gratitude provides an energetic pathway to raise our vibration. With gratitude we shift our focus towards positivity, possibility and potential. These times are invoking deep gratitude for our blessings: health, life itself, our family, friends and community. The heart-based energy of deep gratitude will raise your vibration and you will receive more of the same radiated back to you. Deep gratitude is much more than appreciation for a particular food or enjoying a favorite activity or hobby. Deep gratitude allows your higher Self (your eternal aspect) to influence what you are creating by lifting you out of duality and time (past/future).

Changing our perspective gives us “new eyes” to see the world beyond the chaos of fear. We are all experiencing the virus together as a species. Our actions must take into consideration the welfare of others whether family or strangers. We have the gift of time now to “Be still”, to be silent, to meditate, to pray, to make an intention for a new world anchored in compassion and respect for all human beings as our neighbors and to be good stewards of our precious planet Earth. We can envisioin a world without war, greed or poverty where all resources are shared and equanimity reigns. The possibilities are infinite. Today scientists are showing us how to work together as they struggle in the race to find medical solutions for the virus and save lives. Our thoughts are powerful. We will create a new world with our consciousness. It is our responsibility to direct our thoughts with love and gratitude to create the future we would like to live in.


New remote healing packages are available. Receive 2 remote healing sessions for the cost of 1 direct healing session. Use Bach flower essence blends to calm the nervous system. Flowers such as Mimulus and Rock Rose can support our ability to move from fear and panic to trust and courage. Custom flower essence blends work at the subconscious level to help us dissolve old mental patterns and limiting beliefs. Use Labradorite as a powerful crystal now to enhance meditation at this time and provide clarity for inner vision.

Enjoy today. Be well in body, mind and spirit. Be safe.

Much love,

Anne Bentzen