Creating Emotional Well-Being with Reiki

What are triggers? Triggers are stress signals of a potential psychological/emotional conflict between us and another person or situation that suggests a threat to our way of being. Releasing triggers is essential for our emotional health and also leads to spiritual growth. As we master our ability to release triggers, we find we are able to protect our emotional health and therefore our physical health.

Our mind evaluates situations in a logical way. The impulses of the brain, however, are to survive at all costs. It’s archaic form of problem analysis has not changed in 4.5 million years. It knows nothing of God, the cosmos or the Universe. The brain’s world is our 3D world. All its knowledge is based on past experience. If no solution is found for a perceived danger, the brain will trigger a biological program to reduce the level of stress in order to keep us alive. The brain directs a bodily response in the autonomic nervous system (ANS) to switch over to the sympathetic nervous system (SNS) known as “fight or flight”. This is the mind-brain-body connection. In many cases, however, this process can lead to the development of disease. The body simply executes the commands of the brain.

Triggers will lower our vibration without any conscious thought intervention. We can easily get sucked into the drama of daily news. It takes consciousness to raise our vibration. Fortunately the social distancing and the NYS lockdown is allowing us to manage our time differently and making each of us aware of the freedom of choice we have to not participate in the negativity associated with the virus but to shift our focus towards possibility and creativity during this period of global rest.

When we are able to avoid disputes and arguments, create peace, accept other peoples opinions (though we might not necessarily agree with them) and not become stressed, we are able to remove ourselves from the influences that create fear. This allows the autonomic nervous system (ANS) to remain in the “rest and digest mode” known as the parasympathetic nervous system (PNS) where all healing takes place. Reiki helps everyone shift into the PNS through the deep relaxation response with which we are all familiar. Being under the influence of the PNS allows us to be present in the moment and available to solution energy. Remember what Einstein said, a problem cannot be solved at the level it was created. Solution energy is a higher vibrational level.

Learning how to identify triggers and not have a “knee-jerk” reaction requires presence. We must first listen and be aware that our bodily status is changing in response to what the brain perceives based on past history as a potential threat. Breathe!! Use whatever breathing tools you have learned to sustain calm in the presence of perceived stress whether it be a frustrated person or news about the Coronavirus.

First: Identify the problem: Your first silent mental reaction may be “Oh, no! or #*!#! You can override this reaction with your breath and presence. Observe what you are seeing, the words you are hearing, what you are sensing about the situation and the emotions you are experiencing. Stay calm (detached) as you assess the situation.

Second: Identify your point of view to yourself and what you feel about the situation.

Third: Have Empathy – See the situation through the other person’s eyes. What is the perceived positive intention of the other person? What are they looking to accomplish through that particular behavior? If others are involved, what are their circumstances and limitations?

Fourth: Become a neutral observer who witnesses both sided of the story. Adjust the first three steps to make them compatible and allow you to realize the changes occurring in you as you respond rather than react to the situation. Stay in peace. You will also notice the other person’s demeanor shift as you remain neutral and calm. You are not feeding their fire of fear.

The beauty of Reiki is that through the Gokai, the five principles from Usui Sensei, we learn to be present- Kyo dake wa. We let go of anger – Ikaruna and worry – Shin pai suna. We develop empathy as we remain present to all that is and learn through the practice of gratitude – Kan sha shite to open our hearts and being the best we can be – Gyo o hageme which leads naturally to compassion – shinsetsu- where we learn to love ourselves and each other -Hito ni shinsetsuni. It is a natural unfoldment that begins with presence. Kyo dake wa.

Do not underestimate the simplicity of Reiki as a powerful tool to be used daily. Your life force energy needs to remain high during this pandemic. The Coronavirus offers a reset for the human species as a global experience. You are not alone! We are all in this together. As we enter a new spiritual era, many remain disconnected from their higher nature. They are in conflict. Holding the light of Reiki helps offset many more who are living in fear. As Dr. David Hawkins outlined in his book, Power vs. Force, there is an exponential ability of higher vibrational human beings to counterbalance those stuck in fear at lower vibrational levels. While we do not possess the light of the Buddha, Jesus, Mohammed or other past spiritual leaders who could offset thousands with their enlightened vibration, we do hold the knowledge and training of Reiki to “Be Reiki” in our daily lives and sustain a higher vibration with our presence to allow others to raise their vibration. While Mikao Usui would not place himself in the same category as other enlightened ones mentioned above out of humility, it is clear from anecdotal stories and history, that Usui sensei had the aura and energy to offset much negativity in the world.

So, how do you live without fear?

Remember the following: The power of our thoughts, our consciousness, is energy. Energy is everything. Your intentions are energy. We need to use the power of our consciousness to focus on positivity- what is the reality we want to create? Use the power of your mind to create harmony. Believe in the capacity of humanity to rise in consciousness. Look for positive things occurring – “Good News” like free offerings, people sharing their talents, the rebounding of nature in the canals of Venice with clear water and dolphins. As humanity is receding, nature is rebounding. Who knows, maybe the Amazon rain forests will rebound during this time of global lockdown. Wouldn’t that be wonderful!! May it be so.

Fear creates illness because it is a contractual energy reducing the amount of life force flowing through the body. Fear feeds more fear. So, eliminate negative thinking. Remember that the world you design in your imagination becomes the reality of your outside world. Together by staying present, living from our hearts in deep gratitude, and minding our thoughts, we can create a safe world. Repeat the Gokai daily to write the vibrations of it on your heart. Use the principles of Reiki to sustain your ability to broadcast peace and calm out through your energy field and focus your thoughts on creating a beautiful, new world for humanity living the core life value of the Golden Rule. We are all neighbors. May compassion, gratitude and integrity become the gold standard of living for the future of humanity.