Discover Remote Healing Options

Remote healing often referred to as distance healing is an excellent way to maintain a strong immune system and energetic balance during these days of Coronavirus lockdown. Both distance Reiki and the use of BACH flower essences are excellent healing tools for use in addition to using crystals to support your well-being when in-person healing sessions are not possible with a practitioner.

As we know, everything is energy. We are energy and so are our thoughts. Energy is the foundation of all form and exists beyond the time and space structure that we live within on planet Earth. Through Reiki training it is possible to connect with the energy of others in need and “send” them Reiki to their areas of need. A person will receive this energy simultaneously as if they were being treated in person. Remote healing is excellent for rebalancing energies from stress and anxiety as well as boosting the immune system and supporting your respiratory system if you are experiencing symptoms. You can receive Reiki for specific problem areas or wherever you you’re your stress. If you’re having trouble sleeping, Reiki will help reduce your insomnia. Reiki can be sent to a person in a hospital or anywhere in the world with their permission. Active consent is essential. A pre-arranged session will last 45 minutes with feedback and guidance given.

Customized BACH essence formulas are also available to meet your needs. 38 BACH flower essences were identified by Dr. Edward Bach of England during the 1930’s to address imbalances between soul virtues (our divine nature) and the personality (our ego). Each flower or tree essence addresses a specific emotional behavior and soul virtue. As balance is restored using flower essences, a person begins to feel calm and at peace. They are able to express more of their true divine nature and not feel tormented by their over-protective ego which is focused on survival at all costs. The subtle vibration of the flowers work similarly to crystals through resonance. With their stable frequency, flower essences invite you to shift gently to a healthier and more harmonious vibration. Pets and rescued animals respond quickly to flower essences. Bach Rescue Remedy which is a blend of 5 flowers, is an excellent resource for any type of acute trauma. Flower essences are safe for all ages and will not interfere with any other medication protocols. A one hour phone consultation is provided with each customized formula. BACH flower essences come in dark blue or amber glass bottles with dropper applicators for applying drops under the tongue. A formula bottle will last approximately 1 month.

Crystals also invite humans to raise their vibration to match the frequency the crystal is holding. This resonance offers a subtle but powerful shift. It is essential to remain grounded during these chaotic times. Wear or keep grounding crystals such as black tourmaline, black obsidian, shungite, hematite, aragonite, smoky quartz, magnetite or moss agate near your computer or by your bedside. Charge phones away from your bed or outside of your bedroom. It’s important to maintain your connection to spirit. Crystals such as labradorite, lepidolite, blue lace agate, lapis Lazuli, sodalite and clear quartz are excellent to open the pineal gland, gain clarity and enhance your inner vision and meditation.

Keeping your signature vibrational frequency high during this pandemic is critical. Make a conscious decision as to where to place your energy with your thoughts. Focus on positivity not fear. Remote healing options will raise your vibration while restrictions remain in place for the Coronavirus. Remote healing provides a relaxation response for the nervous system and will restore your feeling of balance, stability and self-confidence. For further information on remote healing services, please go to

There are several other ways to combat the fear associated with the virus which includes limiting your exposure to the news and TV. Get the facts you need each morning from reliable sources. Limit the amount of time you spend on social media or TV in order to stay away from the drama and negativity. Too much screen time will wreck havoc on your immune system as well as your hip flexors and low back muscles. Get out of your chair!! If the weather is nice, go outside and enjoy the sunshine. Do some gardening. Get exercise walking or jogging in your neighborhood. If you have a dog, take your dog for a long walk! Do yoga. Participate in online exercise classes. Listen to uplifting music that resonates with your heart’s “happy” place. It can be 60’s music, classical Mozart, Bach, Wholetones music but never heavy metal or hard rock music. Catch up on your reading. Declutter your mind and then enjoy decluttering your house this spring. You have the time to do it now!! This is a reset for humanity and a reset for Mother Earth. One sign is how Nature is taking back Venice with the absence of tourists. Dolphins have returned to the bay and the canal water is clearer than it has been in 60 years.

Please note the following changes for Balancing 4 Life due to the Corona virus. All in-person direct treatments are temporarily suspended until further notice as a result of the NYS shutdown. The Reiki Open House originally scheduled for Sunday, April 5th has been cancelled. The Awaken Fair in Tarrytown has been postponed until Sunday, July 26th. Reservations are open for the Jikiden Reiki Shoden class on Sat/Sun. May 16-17 in Larchmont. As we move into April, I will know better what the outlook for May will be. So stay tuned! Be positive and follow the recommendations of NYS government, the CDC and WHO. It is up to us by our discipline to remain self-quarantined and follow social distancing that will flatten the virus curve of inspection. Respect your neighbors and the elderly or those at high risk by avoiding unnecessary exposure and wash your hands often.

Stay well. Keep your immune system strong with diet, exercise, hydration, sleep and use remote healing options. Take advantage of this time to deepen your meditation practice. You are in control of your personal health and well-being. Create a strong immune system every day with your consciousness and healthy habits.

With Reiki blessings,

Anne Bentzen

Jikiden Reiki Shihankaku Teacher