Using the Power of Consciousness

With so many of our normal daily activities disrupted, schools and sporting venues and events cancelled, restaurants closing, and worship services cancelled due to the Corona virus, we are all left wondering what’s next and what do we do now? Just wait? Is there something else we can be doing? It is impossible to go about “business as usual” because nothing is “normal” anymore. A friend of mine aptly described the virus as a major reset for all of humanity. I agree. We are forced to pay attention and live in the NOW moment as our schedules have been tossed in the shredder. Something we NEED and must do now besides taking all of the necessary hygiene and social precautions is to NOT feed into the fear.

Fear is like stress on steroids. It wrecks havoc with your health and your immune system. Your sympathetic nervous system (fight or flight) is on full alert and you just want this pandemic to be over. Don’t we all! But the reality of the situation is that the Coronavirus is going to be around for a while.

Warmer sunny spring days are an excellent reminder to go outside and connect with the Earth. Notice the Forsythia, daffodils and the first flowering trees about to burst into bloom. Walking on the Earth gives you the opportunity to ground yourself. Gaia will absorb all the negativity you wish to release. You do this with your consciousness. You make an intention and direct all fear and low vibrational energy to leave. Breathe in the fresh air through the crown of your head and exhale the toxicity of overwhelm into the Earth with gratitude. You are not dumping on the Earth. Rather you are exchanging energy – positive ions for negative ones and completing a symbiotic relationship similar to our relationship with the plant kingdom giving us oxygen to breathe. Energy is never destroyed. It is transformed from one state to another. The Earth transforms the positive air ions we release into negative ions which are energy (fertilizer) for plants. As you release positive energy to the Earth, it feeds the animal, plant and mineral kingdom. Many crystals of the mineral kingdom such as shungite, black tourmaline, jet, and obsidian are excellent grounding stones absorbing negative energies. They enable us to raise and re-balance our energies.

We can transform the fear of the Coronavirus around us. The Coronavirus carries an energy of “I have no control over my life”. This is how Chinese living in China feel under the rule of their government. When we are in fear, we feel that we have no control and that we are at the mercy of something unknown. Fear is a choice. We can choose not to focus on the outward fear or public panic. Instead we can shift inward to our hearts focusing on what we would like to create, healthy bodies and a healthy lifestyle for ourselves and for all.

Love and joy are the opposite of fear. Love and truth are light. Fear is akin to darkness, the absence of light. When we focus on love, the light of love dissolves the darkness of fear and it vanishes. Our hearts cannot hold both love and fear at the same time. We must make a conscious decision. For too long humanity has been focused outwardly on the materialism of the world, dominated by judgmental thinking, power and greed. The virus has a hidden gift. By turning inward, we can make the conscious choice to have mastery over our thoughts, to align with our Divine nature and to become the co-creators we were always meant to be.

Conscious creation is using the power of our consciousness working in concert with the Universe to create what we would like our reality to be. Your body follows the direction of your thoughts. Thoughts are energy. You must choose to direct your thoughts and energy to positive creation. The Universe will respond to whatever vibration we are broadcasting. If we broadcast fear, it will send us more to be afraid of. But if we send out joy and love, the fear will literally shrink in the presence of the light we are consciously creating with our thoughts. This is a service we can provide for ourselves as well as for the world by becoming beacons of light and hope. Have compassion for those in fear. Do not get caught up in someone else’s drama. No audience, no show. Live courageously in the light and focus on living. Shine and reflect love and peace.

Much of the news to date has contained significant misinformation creating more confusion. The pace of our government’s response has been slow and not as organized as we would have hoped. Conscious creation of our personal energy focused on creating a worldwide organized healthcare response to contain the virus and eventually eliminate it to restore health for all is vital.

Here are some suggestions:

Go into meditation. Direct or “command” first your body’s cells and then out to the world as follows:

I create a strong healthy immune system everyday. I am the power that chooses joy, love and health. I have dominion over my healthcare and well-being. I am healthy and strong.

I send love to all exposed individuals. I see everyone healed and their health fully restored.

I send love and strength to all government agencies and medical personnel working with virus patients that they will have everything they need to restore health in those being treated.

Reiki is an excellent tool for everyone to use to maintain your personal vibrational energy. If you have learned Usui Reiki level 1 or Jikiden Reiki Shoden level you have the ability to re-balance yourself when the public hysteria begins to get to you. Go into silence. Breathe in through the crown of your head bringing your energy down out of your head and into your heart. Do this several times. Then breathe up from your feet bringing the energy of Gaia up to your heart. Heaven and Earth are meeting in your heart. Once you are grounded, bring your hands together in Gassho (prayer position) and recite the Gokai in Japanese as you learned in class. Next place a hand on your heart and another on your belly and receive Reiki for your personal health and well-being.

For those of you who learned Jikiden Reiki Okuden level or Usui Reiki level 2 and Usui Reiki Master, you can use the symbols you learned to send distance healing to anyone whom you know who has been exposed to the virus with their permission. Students may also choose to send Reiki out the world or specific locations. Reiki is the vibration of love. It is compassion in action. All Reiki practitioners from all schools are invited to be of service virtually in this way for others. With all Reiki practitioners around the world, we can do a great deal to support the healing process from the Corona virus. The love of Reiki is needed now more than ever.

If you are new to Reiki, please contact me about learning Reiki or if you have any questions about this wonderful healing method that everyone can learn. Reiki belongs to the world.


Anne Bentzen