Dismantle Fear – Focus on Creation

Welcome to March!

The Coronavirus known as Covid-19 has spread globally from the original outbreak in Wuhan, China to South Korea, Iran, Italy, Europe and USA. This virus is similar to the SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) virus of 2002 which also jumped from bats to humans. While the flu has been felt to be a greater threat than the Covid-19 the rapid spread of this new virus is beginning to cause shutdowns for businesses schools and services worldwide. The World Health Organization (WHO), our Center for Disease Control (CDC) along with federal and local governments are working around the clock to step up their preparedness and contain the spread of Covid-19. While economic markets and businesses with overseas exposure to China are experiencing downturns, stocks have been and will continue to be erractic on a daily basis. In general, large companies will rebound quickly as Coronavirus subsides in the future. Hysteria and fear will continue to cause irratic activity on Wall Street. The recommendation is to stay invested for the long-term.

Unlike the flu which affects many children each year, the Coronavirus is chiefly affecting seniors over 65 and especially those whoe are 85 and have an under-lying chronic disease such as diabetes, a respiratory or cardiovascular disease. Proper sanitary precautions are essential for everyone to heed. Hand washing and not touching the face are the best solutions. It is common sense to be mindful of shaking hands, touching handrails on escalators, stairs and shopping carts. Carry pocket sized wipes and sanitizers. Avoid being around other sick people and be polite by coughing or sneezing into your elbow. Social distancing is considered the best way to reduce the spread of this virus. Reconsider attending large public gatherings and travel plans if you are going to an area where an outbreak is present. Everyone need to engage in smart, sensible healthy choices and practices when out in public.

The rise of conscious fear in the Collective from the media with constant updates on the spread of the virus has created an excessive level of fear and confusion in our daily lives. People are stocking up on frozen foods, sanitizers and toilet paper in case of quarantine. Living in an elevated state of fear and anxiety wrecks havoc on your immune system! The highly contagious nature of this virus coupled with its long incubation period of up to 2 weeks has been very troubling and difficult to contain. Average healthy adults who have contracted this virus, however, have only had mild symptoms including a brief high fever, mild shortness of breath and a dry cough primarily. Children have been largely unaffected by the virus. Many light workers believe that today’s children carry more immunity due to their natural, higher vibrational energy and advanced DNA structure.

It’s important to understand how fear works so we can better understand the antidote needed to personally dismantle fear consciously. Conscious fear is the main type of fear based on our expectations and perceptions. Fear is created in the mind by thoughts of an imagined future outcome which does not yet exist. Unconscious fear or instant fear, however, is an emotional response to a situation such as your house is suddenly on fire or you are in a car accident. Once you are in the act of doing something about the situation, however, the fear begins to fade. The responses to Covid-19 are a conscious fear.

Research by Earl Miller, a cognitive specialist and neuroscientist at MIT has shown through his research that the brain cannot multitask. It can only think one thought at a time. Yes, we can work on several tasks simultaneously. But our brains move one thought at a time regardless of which project we are working on. The universal principle of “Energy Follows Thought” supports our ability to be masters of our personal energy and overcome conscious fear by changing what we are thinking about and redirecting our thoughts. It is a matter of focus and in addition, the act of doing that can transform conscious fear. You have control over your thoughts. As you believe, it is delivered to you. This is how the Universe works.

Fear is a low energy vibration that paralyses us. It energetically closes the heart and separates us from the Source of all creation. Our alignment changes from vertical (body, mind and spirit) to horizontal (body/mind). We become small, feel vulnerable and are focused on our human mortality rather than being in alignment with our eternal nature. As multi-dimensional beings, we are much more than our bodies and have the ability to direct our energy by changing our thoughts. Remembering that energy follows thought empowers us to be conscious masters of our personal energy. Be bold and claim your sovereignty. Direct your thoughts rather than be consumed by social media, TV or radio. Turn off the TV or change the channel. Allow your mind to rest. Make time for silence. Stop and be present to regulate your nervous system. Everyone needs to step away from the stimulation in the world several times a day for a few moments and just breathe. Get more sleep. Sleep is an essential time for the body to repair itself from stress. Be positive. Claim that you are the frequency of health and wellness and that you create a strong immune system every day consistenty.

Solution energy is a higher frequency that focuses on a positive outcome. As Albert Einstein stated in the 20th century, a problem cannot be solved at the level from which it was created. The antidote to conscious fear is careful management of your thoughts along with mindful re-centering of your energy to realign with your multidimensional nature. Use your thoughts and your breath to intentionally release all lower vibrational energy from your body to the Earth or down the drain when showering each morning. It works!! While you may not want to walk barefoot outside these days, you can go for a hike as the weather warms in coming days. Breathe out tension and stress as you reconnect to Nature. Remember that the frequency of creation is within you. It is within your power to change your thoughts and to shift your focus away from fear and toward love and joy. Spring is coming March 19th with the Spring Equinox!!

Upcoming astrological events for March into April include a super full moon on March 9th followed by the Spring Equinox on the 19th and a special New Moon in Aries on March 23rd. Begin new endeavors after March 8th when Mercury stations direct. Be open to new possibilities, synchronicities, and new perspectives. The Spring Equinox will be a major turning point for the year. Despite the presence of Covid-19, there is a strong energy of forward movement. Expect more inspirational, innovative and creative energy in the second half of March. It is time to get things done as you begin making changes for birthing a new identity, a new initiative or a change in lifestyle for yourself. During March, a graceful foundation begins to appear. As we move toward April a pivotal energy portal will occur the weekend of April 4-5 that will propel humanity forward with the conjunction of Jupiter and Pluto. These are very exciting times!

Use the subtle energy tools of Reiki, Bach Flower Essences, and crystals to support your ability to sustain a high vibrational frequency during these stressful times. As human beings, our nature is one of high entropy or disorderliness. The scientific measure of entropy infers that our vibrational frequency is highly unstable and fluctuates frequently throughout the day. By contract, crystals, BACH flowers and Reiki hold a low entropy or high level of order and consistent vibrational frequency. Mitigate the influences of daily stress and dismantle the effects of fear on your daily life with subtle energy tools. some of my previous planned events have been postponed or cancelled. I am not seeing clients for direct healing until later in April. But REmote healing and BACH Flower Essences are available and an excellent way to continue to support your immune system and keep your energies balanced. The Awaken Fair has been moved to July 26th. The next Reiki class is still scheduled for May until further notice. Learn Reiki May 16-17 to give yourself a valuable tool you can use daily for yourself and offer others. All information is available on the home page of YOU can be the Master of your personal energy in 2020!

Welcome Spring and be the master of your energy!

Blessings and enjoy each day.

Anne H. Bentzen