Decade Finale Brings Light

December brings a powerful finale to a decade. We have made it to the end of 2019! A four year cycle from 2016-to 2020 is ending. We have experienced powerful change highlighted by reassessment of values and priorities in order to realign with our true passions and joy. We have discovered personally and collectively what systems and relationships are no longer working for us. Separating what is working from what is not has taken time. Many have already made significant lifestyle decisions altering personal and financial relationships in order to achieve greater happiness and peace of mind. I took the bold step to retire from my original career so that I could focus completely on energy healing earlier this year. It has been very freeing for me. I have realized an inner peace and joy that comes with doing what you love all the time.

The energy of 2020 is already here. It brings a new level of optimism, connection and psychic strength. People will feel an increased ability to utilize their intuition and ground it into their daily life. The next four years, 2020-2024 will bring a new level of strength and a cycle of innovation, collaboration and connections. The future is bright as we look ahead. 2020 and the years to follow will move us forward with manifestation energy bringing ideas and innovations into physical form. This is what you came for and why you wanted to be on Earth at this time.

A crescendo of light has been building for five hundred years. Now is the time for a mass awakening of humanity’s consciousness to a new vibrational level opening to love, compassion, understanding and forgiveness. Light holds truth. Nothing that is not of the truth can exist in the light. Powerful celestial events are aligning at this time to assist the entrance of a new decade and to herald the new strong energy of 2020. This Thursday is the 12th day of the 12th month (12/12) in a year 2019 which numerically also adds up to a 12. (2+0+1+9=12). Thursday, 12/12, opens a powerful light portal that will grow in intensity until the Winter Solstice on 12/21 and 12/22/2019 when it becomes anchored within all humanity and the Earth. 12/12/2019 is also a full moon in Gemini. Extra attention will be brought to light for your conversations, thoughts and decisions. Be alert to coincidences and synchronicities. Be open to receiving and be honest with yourself and others. New revelations will shift existing systems.

On December 26th we will experience a solar eclipse of a new moon to end this decade. What a powerful way to end the decade! Eclipses always come in 2 week windows. Eclipses are a reset for our consciousness and bring to light aspects of our unconsciousness that were eclipsed, hidden and inaccessible in the past. During these two weeks expect revelations and greater clarity for understanding your true nature. Meditation and quiet time will allow you to discover what parts of yourself are longing to be expressed. A lunar eclipse with a full moon will occur on January 10th to welcome the new decade of 2020-2030.

As we prepare to welcome a new decade you can get ready. Measure and honor your life by the love you have given to the world. Think about what kind of person you’ve become and how you’ve changed over the last decade. What realizations have you made in the last decade?

The planet Jupiter spends 1 entire year in a zodiac sign. It left Sagittarius and moved to Capricorn on December 2nd. Think back, to 2008. In 2008, my younger son graduated from college making my husband and myself full-time empty nesters. I also completed my Usui Reiki master and began my practice. What changes and shifts occurred in your life in 2008? More of that energy on a higher level will bring new opportunities for you in the coming decade. Focus on what you love. Imagine the life you love and use your heart to “feel” what you want . The body does not know the difference between, memory, reality or imagination. Manifestation is achieved with your mind, your senses and your heart. Get ready for an exciting decade and welcome the light!!