Balance Your World

Balance your world inside and out

Autumn is here and it is a unique power point for the year with a Super New Moon in Libra today, Saturday, Sept 28th. I felt this New Moon energy strongly in my dream time last night as the energies alerted me to the need to provide more support for my fall projects. It’s a perfect time for new beginnings. The energy moving into October is about creating greater balance in all relationships whether romantic, friendship, business or service. There is a natural trajectory for seeking balance and resolution as our planet travels through the Libra constellation from 9/22-10/22. Everyone has the opportunity to create new relationships with money and love or to resolve old conflicts. We are also being encouraged to use effective communication especially around difficult subjects in order to achieve resolution and harmony. Listening with an open heart is essential. A healthy back and forth dialog will allow the air to clear as you shed more light onto a subject and hidden emotions are revealed and resolved. Open communication creates the opportunity for healthy relationships and resolve differences. When we listen with our hearts we can discover more easily what is out of alignment and if a relationship issue can be resolved or if it has come to its natural end. Paying attention to your values and what really matters to you is very important now. Your words and actions should be in alignment. Is there something you need to compromise or an area where more effort is needed? Think with your heart. Your heart is a deeply intuitive force. Ask your heart what you should do or not do next. Let your heart lead your life, not your mind.

The zodiac sign Libra highlights the need to find balance between giving and receiving and having proper boundaries. Lightworkers tend to be martyrs and people pleasers. One of the most difficult lessons for a lightworker is setting boundaries, saying “no”, not allowing someone to barge into your personal space and in some cases the need to cut ties with another person. No one is obligated to feel uncomfortable or receive abuse from another person. You have complete “free will”. You don’t have to answer every email, text message or answer the phone every time it rings. It’s also important not to become possessive of others, needy or obsessive of materials and money. Balancing your time between giving and personal nourishment brings peace to your inner world. Take a breath, pause and allow the fast pace energies which have been running us ragged we have been experiencing this year to settle. The new paradigm is about finding balance between the outer world and your inner world.

October may bring some volatility in the way of scandals, anger as well as other issues around sex, money, addictions or death may be amplified. We are already seeing evidence of this in US politics with whistle blowers and deception or deceit being brought to the surface to be cleared. Climate change protests are getting more air time. Youth are finding their voices around this issue. Your ability to abide in truth and align with your authenticity will enable you to begin to move forward towards your desired goals through the end of the year and into 2020. If you are feeling tired, run ragged, rest and allow time for integration of everything you are going through. Grounding daily is very important. Being mindful, centered in your body and present is essential during these times of outer power struggles. As they say on the airlines, put your oxygen mask on first before helping someone else. Match the power you put into the outer world with your personal inner power. Be authentic.

May you have a blessed month!