Summer’s Wake Up Call

July is here and a Wake Up Call is being sounded energetically!!

Hi everyone and welcome to the heat of summer! We are in the midst of eclipse season and major energetic changes from celestial planetary alignments are inviting humanity to move forward. Don’t be surprised if you have been feeling tired or may find yourself feeling extra emotional during July. Some people may be experiencing headaches, tinnitus or difficulty sleeping through the night. With 6 outer planets in retrograde (in addition to Mercury) representing our spiritual evolution, this is a time to reset our trajectory to greater authenticity. I know several friends who have or are making a move through their jobs or relocating that signals a reorientation to find greater harmony with their inner spirit or soul calling. Personally, I just retired from a 40 year career as an occupational therapist. When planets are in retrograde, it is a time for integration and going back over, reviewing or rewriting our plans before we put our ideas into action later in August or September. Things may seem to be dragging in some areas of your life at this time. No worries. Use this opportunity to think more deeply and go over details that you may have missed the first time around. That is the blessing of a retrograde planet.

Eclipses occur twice a year and bring a powerful opportunity for significant personal and global transformation. The partial lunar eclipse on July 16th at 24 degrees of Capricorn is a south node eclipse. Polarity tension is at an all time high with oppositional energies of Capricorn and Cancer. The upcoming eclipse on Tuesday at ~530 pm EST juxtaposes the moon in Capricorn whose focus is work, governmental, financial and religious systems, ethics against the sun in Cancer whose focus is to promote attention to nurturing, family, loving and dignity for all. It is encouraging us to let go of the old. It is a super big full moon. It can provide a closure as a completion of a cycle or shine a light on what you did not know before and be aware of how power has been used in the past. The eclipse will not be visible in North America but you will be able to feel the emotional energy of it. The effects of these eclipses have a long orbiting sphere of influence of up to 6 months. It can be an important pivot point or watershed moment in some area of your life.

There are many polarizations occuring simultaneously globally at this time. Resistance has been high as we observed President Trump’s old military style parade in DC on July 4th. Pluto, known as a revolutionary planet is moving through the constellation, Capricorn, which represents systems and the status quo. The old order is being shaken up as Governor Andrew Cuomo signed the Equal Pay Law on Wednesday, July 10th as we honored the US Women’s Soccer team’s World Cup victory in Manhattan. This is an excellent example of the slow breaking down of an old paradigm of the social and political structures we have known. Keep an eye on the global political issues around economy, sovereignty and global community as they continue to heat up with Brexit in the UK, the yellow vest riots in France, Hong Kong protests, environmental issues and US policy decisions around immigration and foreign affairs. Weather patterns are filled with heat waves, Hurricane Barry flooding in the Gulf states and the recent earthquake in CA.

Lunar eclipses are about cycle completions and not small talk. It is important to remember to always bring the highest vibration of love through in your work and communication. The unfolding of a new paradigm of unity consciousness requires our individual awareness of our own energy frequency and our ability to become masters of our personal energy. Whatever we place our thoughts on we will draw attention to, be it more drama or peacefulness. Energy follows thought and you are in the driver seat as a co-creator. This is a Universal law. We need to become masters of our own lives. We are being called to have more concern for the Earth. Where we put our attention will determine what direction collective humanity moves toward.

Positive change requires us to pause and discern what may be pulling us back into old habits to the familiar (Capricorn). Temptations are high to resort to an old knee jerk reaction. We need to stretch beyond what is comfortable in the presence of the duality and clashing emotions to find common ground. Politicians are being challenged by the cries of the marginalized and the immigrant populations in the US to find a more fair solution for all. US politics is ripe with examples of oppositional energies at play between the announced ICE raids planned for this weekend and Friday’s House of Representative vote to block President Trump’s ability to authorize military force against Iran without Congressional approval. The House vote change signals a move towards north nodal cancer energies of collective agreement and fairness.

How are we using our emotional body these days? We always have a choice in how we respond or react to situations. Are we responding with a love of power (ego) or from the power of love (our hearts)? We are being guided to move into our heart space with these eclipses and planetary alignments. The new paradigm is for unity consciousness. Personal energy mastery has never been more important It is essential to create personal boundaries and develop a clear understanding of knowing what energy is ours and what energy is outside of us. This is spiritual sovereignty. We need to take responsibility for our spiritual integrity and not get swept away by the ego driven desires or demands of others. As we anchor our energy into our hearts, we are able to respond to the world on a daily basis with loving energy. This is how we develop personal self master and energy management.

Ask “What would Love do?” to guide you in your decisions today. Embracing the challenge of responsibility, we open a portal to positive growth and change powered by love. Join me this summer for Reiki classes or focus on personal healing. Celestial energies are supporting your ability to make positive changes. As you change your energy signature, you become a lighthouse for others to do the same.

Have a beautiful month.