May Brings Freedom from Karma

Dynamic May is here!

We begin an “8” Universal month which is about balancing all energies, particularly the masculine and feminine. May heart energy assists us with more light to uncover, release the oldest stories and limiting beliefs we hold and return to balance in our true nature. As we move through the Taurus constellation, we are invited to connect with the Earth, to focus on self-care and gain clarity of our true potential. With the chaos and drama in national and global news, it is essential to ground and maintain your center. If you are feeling overwhelmed, depressed or dismayed by your relationships and/or the world around you, you have company. Much of humanity are shaking their heads these days. But the world changes one person at a time and that change begins with you and I. Holding onto our truth and maintaining our vibration, we sustain a higher frequency that invites others to do the same.

Heart energy supports the necessity for nurturing ourselves. Attend to what you value most. Gratitude is the key to opening the heart. Turning our focus inward and centering ourselves, we move away from the chaotic outer world and connect with the peace within our hearts and our inner truth. Old karmic patterns now surfacing are gifts for healing. This is being played out on many levels including the US Congress, Venezuela and other countries. More people are now choosing to step away from relationships, jobs or lifestyles that are no longer working or providing personal satisfaction. Americans are reassessing both personal core values and revisiting the core values of the framers of the Constitution for insights. Voices demanding policy changes and holding politicians accountable are getting louder as Americans call for a re-balancing of political, economic, educational, medical delivery systems and immigration to more truly reflect the will of the people. Change must occur for growth and evolution personally, nationally and globally. As we agree to abandon old patterns of selfishness and separation in exchange for serving the greater good, we move towards higher ideals of social justice, inclusion, equality, health and security for all. Harmony will grow over time.

While April’s focus was more about inner reflection, May is inviting outer action which demonstrates our desire for change. With powerful heart energy, we are slowly beginning to move forward towards our true potential by saying “no” to old habits, patterns and ways of doing business as usual . There is enough momentum now that the light of truth will continue to shine brighter and brighter on all deception, misconduct, dishonesty, corruption and abuse of power. Be mindful as we approach a powerful full (Wesak) moon on May 18th. This full moon in Scorpio may be emotionally intense as it holds powerful spiritual energies and opportunities for change.

Everything including old emotional wounds are being brought to the surface to be healed. Acknowledge memories of past events as they return to consciousness. You are remembering these events in order to release emotional baggage and limiting beliefs created as a result of the original event. Breathe, acknowledge the feelings and release them with gratitude for being able to see the situation from a new perspective. Begin focusing on what you want to create rather than giving your attention to what is no longer working. Attending to what is broken only feeds it with more energy to persist. Trust your intuition to lead you. Feed your passion. Use your time and energy wisely to take action towards manifesting your passion. Let your heart lead the way.