April Energies Waves of Growth

Happy April everyone!

April brings dynamic energies with powerful cosmic energies and a blue new moon on Friday April 5th signaling a new cycle with major changes in the new lunar month leading up to breakthroughs in communication by the end of the month. Many other planetary alignments are also contributing to our need to redraw boundaries as we get a reality check as to what is working and what no longer works. What is highlighted this month is the need for your personal energy mastery. Are you in control of your energy or are your emotions leading the way?

When we moved into a new zodiac calendar year at the Spring Equinox on March 20th, it was at a full moon. The first new moon in Aries is viewed as the beginning cycle for the new solar calendar year. March was difficult for many as those sensitive to energy felt a lot of confusion not knowing which way was up. Many people had plans put on hold for various reasons including the flu, pneumonia, stomach viruses or long lasting colds. March was a time for soul reflection. Since Mercury stationed direct on 3/28, clarity will now build slowly initially but gain significant speed after Easter/Passover on 4/21 (entering Taurus 4/20) as we move through April.

Nature works in cycles. We see repeating patterns such as the Fibonacci spiral in our Milky Way galaxy as well as in many patterns in plants as roses and ferns unfurl or sea shells grow. Nature is constantly trying to rebalance itself whenever anything is out of harmony. This month truth is rising higher to resolve long standing karmic cycles and restore harmony. Where are you continually being triggered by others? Pay attention to yourself. We are being asked to master the polarity between standing up for our own needs and accommodating the needs of others. It is time to stop pleasing others and be truthful with yourself. April is an important month to nurture yourself with some quiet time or a mini retreat and untangle from the chaos. Take a walk in the woods or be near water. Meditate, receive Reiki, step up your yoga practice or practice Tai Chi or Qigong. New energies are coming in and we need to give ourselves the gift of personal time to receive new awareness, insights and to process the energies around us. Slow down if you are feeling overwhelmed. Above all support yourself!

Decisions and actions made this month are impacting us both personally and globally. We have reached a new low on the planet where people are feeling detached, numb or depressed. Be aware of events, issues and how people are feeling around you. We need to be mindful of others. What is happening on a national and global level is a reflection of the prevailing energies around us. The release of the Mueller report and the demand for a fuller disclosure is a request for greater truth which should arrive mid April just as Mercury moves into Aires (4/16). Confusion is rampant in the UK with Brexit. Many British feel betrayed by their leadership. A new offer of cooperation from Theresa May to the labor party may signal a future major shift as we move forward. Expect breakthroughs with the end of April and a recovery of more clarity for where we are going. Great potential exists to untangle from old limiting systems. Will we break free from fear mongering? Only if we honor truth and are willing to treat others as we would want to be treated.

In the face of all the chaos and negative news, we need to turn towards the future with creative energy for what we would like to build. Become a futurist! Focus on what you want to create rather than giving your attention to what is no longer working. Attending to what is broken only feeds it with more energy to persist. Trust your intuition to lead you. What sparks your passion? Notice what is gaining traction in your life. Look for synchronicities. Be in the flow rather than trying to be right. Rest when you feel overwhelmed. Listen to your body and your heart! But above all, let your heart lead the way.