March Brings Balance and Reflection

Happy March everyone!

Hard to believe that spring is around the corner with snow on the ground and more in the forecast for this weekend! But it’s true. We will be changing from winter to spring on March 20th. This month, a “3”, is symbolic of the catalytic energy that we will be experiencing all year long. As the planet Mercury goes retrograde from 3/5 – 3/28, the Universe gives us a 3 week window to energetically pause and reflect on how our life has been going the last 3 months. What are you ready to let go of today? What would you like to change in your life right now?? Make some decisions for personal change with the New Moon insights on March 6th as we begin a new lunar cycle. This month is a time for self love, tolerance and letting go. Valuable insights received may guide you through the summer and beyond.

March is a time of endings as Earth travels through the last sign of the Zodiac, Pisces. We now prepare to begin anew with the Spring Equinox on March 20th as Earth moves into Aries beginning new solar cycle. The significance of the equinoxes which occur twice each year symbolizes harmony and balance with an equal amount light and dark hours. The strong desire to restore balance and a sense of order is felt now. Themes of fairness, equality and justice will be emphasized. The theme for Pisces is “The light of the World that ends darkness in matter.” So, the importance of this month is on your personal spiritual path and your ability to move into a more vertical alignment or resonance with your Higher or Divine Self rather than your ego or small self. In essence we are asked to face, accept and love the truth of who we are.

What are your desires, passions? What would you like to do differently this year? A new job? A change in a personal or work relationship? Do you want to move or retire or start a new career or interest? Perhaps it will be creating a healthier lifestyle, more exercise, meet more people. Listen to your intuition for whatever you find is calling you at the heart level. What feels good? What makes your heart open with love? Choices based on fear ultimately only create more fear.

Do you have trouble creating boundaries with the disrupting energies in the news or some drama in your personal relationships at work or home? In my upcoming spring retreat next weekend at the Holmes Camp and Retreat Center we will be discussing the keys to personal energy mastery. Come learn how to make decisions based on love, not fear. Mastery means standing in compassion for others without becoming empathic and absorbing the suffering around you. Everything is energy and you are an energetic being. As you learn to monitor your own home vibrational frequency you will discover that you are actually able to shift the reality of the life you are living. Your thoughts send out energy and the universe returns to you more of the same energy you are broadcasting. There is science to prove it. So the bottom line is,

When you change your thoughts, you change your vibration

which changes your reality.”

Have a beautiful month,


Anne H. Bentzen