February Discoveries: Stretch Yourself

Happy February everyone!

With clear skies and warming temperatures February is inviting action- oriented exploration of new ideas and expanding our horizons. Numerologically as a “5” universal month, February is all about change, breaking routines, using our 5 senses to try something different and get clarity from our actions to bring more joy into our lives.

As I mentioned last month, humanity is entering a new seven year cycle. The last 7 years from 2012 through 2018 were all about restructuring, dismantling those things that no longer served our best interests whether it be a job, a relationship or change in our health habits. Now as we move into February it is time to use our past experience as the wisdom of lessons learned to create a platform from which we launch ourselves to create the future we desire. Love at its core supports your personal flow of energy while being of service others simultaneously. Now is the time to elevate self-love and allow love to lead your life. Your future will be in resonance with your soul’s intention.

Make a decision to learn or advance your personal Reiki practice as a tool stay grounded during these volatile times, to maintain your health, to de-stress from work and raise your personal vibration. Take Reiki 1 in February and return in March for Reiki 2. You will have the ability to send distance healing worldwide and raise your vibration substantially! The attunements with these courses are very powerful and improve your vertical alignment with Spirit as well as provide some necessary detoxification for existing emotional blockages. Early Bird Pricing is now available for all courses. So take advantage and enjoy a discount.

Have a beautiful month.


Anne H. Bentzen