Positive Forward Momentum

Greetings Everyone and Happy New Year!

My sincere wishes to each of you for 2019! Global energies have been steadily shifting since mid-December. There is an air of birthing and positivity as we begin this new year. Certainly Americans are all aware of the political changes in Washington with the new Congress. Many changes will likely follow as a younger leadership strives to enact legislative changes. Likewise, each of us have the opportunity to create new relationships and new beginnings to create a life that reflects our desires.

Humanity is entering a new seven year cycle from 2019 – 2026. The last 7 years from 2012 through 2018 were all about restructuring, dismantling those things that no longer served our best interests whether it be a job, a relationship or change in our health habits. Many of us have made or are making important decisions to change our future in order to align ourselves with our true authenticity. We are built for change!! Moving forward, the coming 7 years will be about new beginnings, expansion and being in creational energy. Each of us is encouraged to access love, gratitude, grace and creative energies while not getting lost in the paralysis of fear in the face of upcoming changes. Fear dis-empowers. Instead, embrace the possibilities that change can offer each of us. Create an overall plan for the next 7 years. The world will look dramatically different in 2026 than it does now. There are many inventions and medical breakthroughs on the horizon. Advancements in technology will continue to alter how we perform daily tasks whether it be telecommunications, cooking or driving a car. More jobs will be able to be performed remotely in the future with less commuting required.

Achieving personal sovereignty is paramount as we master our personal energy and acknowledge our power as conscious beings. Each of us has the ability to create a new future for ourselves that reflects our passions. Align with your passion, authenticity and desires. Look for synchronicities. Intentionally take action to create and move forward in the direction consistent with your most authentic self and talents. Allow yourself to be drawn to what brings you joy and love. Give yourself permission, love yourself enough to become powerful in the next 7 years. How and what we create will determine how the planet changes consciously to achieve an elevated reality in the decades to come. Your consciousness matters. As you strive to be your best self, you will inspire others with your light. Let the Divine expression of you shine through in 2019.

January 5th/6th is a New Moon and a partial Solar Eclipse. Eclipses exponentially add magnitude to the power of New Moons for new beginnings. In Native American traditions, eclipses are considered the blinking of the eye of Great Spirit sending waves of high intensity light energy to Mother Earth to support a higher purpose each time. This eclipse/New Moon in Capricorn is encouraging you not to let your past dictate your future. Place your focus on on nurturing your dreams, your passion and visualize where you want to be by the end of 2019. It is time for positive forward momentum. Celestial energies are supporting this very powerful lunation which will be followed by a total lunar eclipse with the full moon on January 21st. So, be thoughtful as you create your intentions for this year this year. What are you ready to shift in 2019? Build what you want for yourself. Take charge, ignite your inner courage and move forward powerfully.