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Discover a Better Way of Being with Natural Healing

Welcome to Balancing 4 Life, LLC.   Come discover the power of natural healing to heal the damaging effects of stress which create pain, inflammation and emotional imbalances that impair your health and well-being.   What are your issues?

  • pain and inflammation
  • wound healing from surgery
  • arthritis
  • migraines
  • anxiety, PTSD
  • depression
  • grief
  • insomnia
  • medication side effects
  • brain fog, feeling disorganized
  • emotional insecurity
  • balance and tremor issues
  • conception and pregnancy stress
  • digestive and immune system issues

Reiki physical treatments provide an excellent restorative and preventative healthcare resource while complementing all traditional western medical services.  Reiki has no contradictions and is beneficial for all ages. 

Create more empowered living with complementary energetic counseling during every private session.  I look forward to helping you on your journey to greater health and well-being – Anne Bentzen, Jikiden Reiki teacher, practitioner, energetic counselor and healer

   Release Stress  –  Detoxify  –  Rebalance for Health & Well-Being

Shihankaku Anne Bentzen Jikiden Reiki Institute

I am thrilled to announce New Offerings

for Natural Healing:


September Psychic Fair

Functional Nutrition Workshop -Plant Diversity for a Health Gut

Fall Equinox Celebration

Jikiden Reiki Shoden Seminar

Young Living Essential Oils and

OHHO Organic CBD product line


I look forward to seeing you soon and introducing you to new health and wellness practitioners who will be providing some of these offerings at Balancing 4 Life.

Anne Bentzen, Owner


Harmony of Heart and Mind -Kokoro

 The foundation of Balancing 4 Life is Jikiden Reiki, an original healing method from Japan used for restoring harmony of heart, mind and body following exposure to trauma, emotional or mental stress.

Reiki enhances the flow of vital energy to improve your health.  Discover drug-free relief from stress, inflammation and pain while stimulating your immune system at the cellular level.  



Balancing 4 Life assist you in overcoming stress and to free yourself from its debilitating effects on your heart, mind and body. We live in a polarized world of judgments and defined structures.  Our world has changed with the pandemic.  But our resistance to change and the associated fear of the unknown along with old limiting belief patterns remains.  It prevents us from truly living our passion and expressing ourselves in a new, more authentic way.

Everyday we are exposed to an infinite range of energy frequencies from the media, public places, our local neighborhoods and personal relationships.  Our thoughts and feelings are forms of energy as well.  Energy healing restores internal harmony helping the heart, mind and body to heal naturally by releasing toxins created by stress.  By gaining conscious awareness of our personal energy and the energetic effects of our outer environments, we can learn strategies for greater personal well-being.

Balancing 4 Life offers spiritual medicine through Jikiden Reiki, energetic counselling and other energy healing services to help you claim your right to happiness and to live an empowered life.




Reiki is a powerful, yet simple, Japanese intuitive healing art of hands-on healing for the relief of stress. This method rebalances your health and promotes your well-being primarily through physical treatment.

It is easy for anyone to learn. Both the receiver and giver benefit from the channeling of healing energy. The training process of Jikiden Reiki is always taught in-person and never online.

 “ I would highly recommend this training for personal and possibly working in the teaching realm of alternative or complementary medicines. Anne Bentzen is an inspiration.

Y. Ramirez

I appreciate that Anne wants everyone to feel comfortable giving Reiki to self and others. She is patient and teaches her students to be patient.  She definitely embodies Reiki.  Thank you.”

H. Perlow

Discover the "Gokai"

5 Reiki Principles of Spiritual Medicine

Learn to live in the present moment without anger or worry. Move the energy of your thoughts to your heart space to improve your health and well-being.

 Are you ready to let go and embrace a new level of freedom? 

It's time for a change!! 

A GIFT of HEALTH and WELLNESS with Reiki Gift Certificates

Give family and friends the unique experience of this traditional Japanese healing method.  Help your loved ones feel better! 

Backed by research, Reiki is excellent for stress reduction, relieving pain, anxiety, depression and insomnia or simply  provide an experience of inner peace and tranquility. 

Purchase a Balancing 4 Life Gift Certificate for an hour Reiki session or a package of Reiki sessions for a family member or special friend today.

Gift certificates available for $125 per session or as a package of 3 – 5 sessions.

Click Order and include name of recipient, your name and contact information for payment via Zelle, check or cash in your message.

Jikiden Reiki

Community Gatherings for Students

​All Jikiden Reiki trained students are encouraged to participate in regularly hosted Jikiden Reiki Reiju-Kai, Koryu-Kai and Taiten-Kai events to support their Jikiden Reiki practice.   Reiju-Kai sessions offer Reiju, a special presentation or talk about an aspect of Japanese culture plus  personal practice time. Sharing experiences and insights helps everyone grow and feel supported by our caring Jikiden Reiki community.

The next Reiju-Kai will be Sunday, October 16th 1 – 5 pm.  

Space is limited to 12 people.

Register early to be included!

Contact Anne  914-588-4079                                    

REiki Seminar Treatments